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Student Opinion Column: Freshman Advice

By: Natalie Reeves, senior at Leigh High School | November 4, 2019

When people say high school is the fastest four years of your life, they aren’t lying.  It feels like just yesterday I was a shy freshman, and now I’m an outgoing senior. It’s crazy . . . read more

Student Opinion: Social Media Today

By: Reagan Settje, a senior at Leigh High School | October 16, 2019

Social media is undoubtedly a great presence in our society today. Some people think that it is just teenagers and young children who use it, but everybody can either benefit from it or fall victim to it.  . . . read more

Student Opinion: Why Study Halls are Important

By: Audie Tejkl, sophomore at Leigh High School | September 18, 2019

As all students can agree, homework is the worst. We rush out of school, excited to relax and go home after a long day of school. But many students leave the building in a rush to get ready for after school practice or work an . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: “Being Short”

By: Emily Loseke, junior at Leigh High School | September 11, 2019

Picture this: It’s a home volleyball game, the bleachers are full, and almost everyone has a roster with the players’ information. I grab the paper and start skimming through the names, and then I stop. In amazement I . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: Why Participation Awards are Detrimental

By: Riana Grotelueschen, a sophomore at Leigh High School | May 21, 2019

In today’s hypersensitive culture, it seems like everyone is offended about everything that happens. As if people are looking for reasons to be mad about something, or to say something was not fair.   . . . read more

Putting the Factor of Fun Into Extra Curriculars

By: Natalie Reeves, a junior at Leigh High School | May 7, 2019

High school is supposed to be the best four years of your life. As a student, you are supposed to get involved in as much as you can. It is great to be well-rounded, but in a small high school, such as Leigh, it’s often hard . . . read more

The Importance of Junior Year

By: Reagan Settje, a junior at Leigh High School | May 7, 2019

You know how most people say that high school is some of the best years of your life? Well they are obviously all forgetting about junior year.     Junior year makes me want to get out of . . . read more

Student Opinion: Children are Exposed to Technology Too Young

By: Cassidy Hoffman, a sophomore at Leigh High School | April 30, 2019

Wake up. See my siblings on technology. Come home. See my siblings on technology. Go to bed. See my siblings still on some sort of technology. From the television to the Xbox to their iPods, my younger siblings are constantly . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: Weekends are What you Make Them

By: Madisyn Pelan, a sophomore at Leigh High School | March 26, 2019

Ah…the weekend.  Those two magical days between the Monday-through-Friday grind that can never come fast enough and always fly by way too quickly.     Don’t get me wrong, . . . read more

Opinion Column: Parents are the Best Teachers

By: Kayden Schumacher, a sophomore at Leigh High School | February 19, 2019

“Children learn to smile from their parents.”   This is one of my favorite quotes.   In our society, teachers are thought of as people who . . . read more

Standardized Testing: Not a Predictor of Success

Opinion Column by Logan Becher, a senior at Leigh High School | February 5, 2019

Love them or hate them, standardized tests are a big part of the education system in America. All throughout their elementary and high school careers, students continuously take standardized tests—such as ACT, MAPS, and, in . . . read more

The Future

By: Kaegan Held, senior at Leigh High School | January 29, 2019

When asked what they want to be when they grow up, most young kids respond with some glamorous career choice. They say things like astronaut, cowboy, singer, doctor, or maybe even a scientist. As they shout their answers out, their . . . read more

Why Do Friends Drift Apart?

By: Lexi Schroeder, junior at Leigh High School | January 29, 2019

It’s hard to imagine when you’re ten years old that the people you spend all your recess time with might not be your best friends forever.  As people mature and change, sometimes the people they associate with most . . . read more

“Friends” Forever

Student Opinion Column

By: Kaegan Held, a senior at Leigh High School | January 14, 2019

In today’s fast-paced society, people often complain about not having enough time.  Yet, most people continue to make time for TV, especially their favorite shows. As adults get off of work, they come and they turn on . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: Christmas is Cherished Holiday

By: Madisyn Pelan, freshman at Leigh High School | January 3, 2018

We all have that one holiday that we secretly hold dearer than the others. For some it is Thanksgiving, others Valentine's Day, Easter or many others.   My favorite holiday is, without a . . . read more

The Importance of Paying for Own Vehicle in High School

By: Cort Pokorney, sophomore in high school | May 1, 2017

            All students look forward to getting their license and being able to drive to school and get off the old yellow bus for good. It was that moment in the first quarter of my sophomore year that I looked . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: How I Achieved Superhero Status

By: Kaegan Held, a sophomore at Leigh High School | April 5, 2017

            Babysitter, Nanny, Caregiver, whatever you may call it, teens can learn much more than they might think from these experiences. According to care.com, there are many reasons why teenagers should . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: Get Out of the House to Beat Winter Blues

By: Natalie Reeves, freshman at Leigh High School | March 14, 2017

            Have you ever been cooped up inside, your mind going a thousand different places, but not actually accomplishing anything?  Have you ever felt like you just needed to get out of the house, just . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: Parent/Child Bond Continues in High School

By: Karmen Hake, senior at Leigh High School | March 12, 2017

As a senior in high school, it is easy for me to look forward to heading off to college and leaving home. While looking at colleges, I began to think more about leaving home and how far away I wanted to be from home. I ended up choosing the . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: Being Blonde

By Holly Kuhr, a sophomore at Leigh High School | February 22, 2017

            The stereotypical blonde…has no idea what she’s doing, smiles and nods at literally everything, and has an IQ of approximately 5. Why is it that blondes are assumed to be ditzy and . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: Dying Arts

By: Emma Labenz, freshman at Leigh High School | February 14, 2017

Technology is everywhere, and in nearly everything we do. A lot of tasks these days are simply “push button” jobs. This makes our life much easier, but we seem to overlook that, although technology is great, we are losing out on a . . . read more

Valentine’s Day: Romantic Holiday or Commercialized Waste?

By: Megan Bahns, senior at Leigh High School | February 7, 2017

When February 14th rolls around each year, people everywhere honor the beloved Christian martyr, St. Valentine, and show signs of affection for their loved ones. On Valentine’s Day, Americans everywhere show their valentine just . . . read more

The Art of Being Clumsy

By: Hannah Johnson, a junior at Leigh High School | May 4, 2016

Awkwardness is a gift, while clumsiness is a skill. It takes someone truly skilled at the art of being clumsy to roll their ankle doing the same warm-up exercise they do everyday. It also takes someone truly skilled to slip and fall down a . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: Biggest Concern Facing the State of Nebraska

By: Kaitlyn Becher, a senior at Leigh High School | April 6, 2016

Growing up in an agriculture-based community with less than five hundred citizens, I truly understand what rural living means. As stated by Nebraska Senator, Tyson Larson, “Rural areas provide a true sense of community and a true sense . . . read more

Why Read?

By: Sydney Geier, a sophomore at Leigh High School | March 14, 2016

Many people in school know me as the girl who is always reading, and many probably think I’m a geek.  Well, guess what…I am a geek, so deal. Plus, I happen to really enjoy reading. Whenever I go somewhere, I always have a . . . read more

The Awkward Geek Rises

By: Hannah Johnson, a junior at Leigh High School | February 22, 2016

FRIEND: “You remember the part in Star Wars where he’s all like, ‘Luke I am your father.’ That was like the best part.” ME: “Yeah, well too bad the line is actually, “ I AM your father.” . . . read more

Presidential Politics

By: Kolton Held, a senior at Leigh High School | February 4, 2016

As previously printed in the Norfolk Daily News   Kolton has been a student opinion column writer for the Norfolk Daily News for the past year.  His columns are printed once a month in the teen feature page “20 . . . read more

Putting Personal Feelings Aside - Both Sides Need to Be Willing to Compromise on Gun Rights

By: Sam DeBord, a sophomore at Leigh High School | January 27, 2016

It’s times like this that I wish President Obama were the militant socialist the right wings are convinced he is. This country could use that kind of president during times like these. Times when African Americans fear for their lives . . . read more

Social Media: Just Take a Break!

By: Karmen Hake, a junior at Leigh High School | January 19, 2016

Today you can’t go anywhere without seeing at least one person with their eyes glued to a cell phone screen. Though some of the people may be using their phone for work purposes, the majority of people are using them for some form . . . read more

Cousins: The Holiday Nightmare

by Hannah Johnson, junior at Leigh High School | November 9, 2015

It’s Christmas dinner at Grandma’s house. There’s all sorts of foods surrounding the table and everyone’s mouth is watering with the thought of digging in and devouring those scrumptious delicacies. Of course, like . . . read more

Student Opinion Column: Target Controversy

By: Sam DeBord, a sophomore at Leigh High School | September 21, 2015

It was the week before Christmas, 2014. Aiden and his mother, Jane, were strolling through the aisles of Target. “You can pick out any three toys that you want,” said Jane. Aiden ran off squealing with joy. He snaked up and . . . read more

Hearing the Truth

Isaiah Miller, Senior | April 2, 2015

     America, the greatest country on Earth. We beat the British, conquered the West, singlehandedly won two World Wars, took down Communism, and are currently kicking the terrorists in their collective behinds. . . . read more

Social Media

Sheila Reichmuth, Senior | January 28, 2015

“Look what I got!” states a caption under a photo with a man in blue scrubs. His slight grin is noticeable under the surgical mask as a sterile gloved hand holds an unrecognizable object. The caption goes on to explain that he . . . read more

Getting a Bad Rap

Isaiah Miller, Senior | November 10, 2014

America is a great country. But one thing that plagues this great nation is the frequency with which violent events occur. Usually, after one of these happens, such as the Sandy Hook shooting, CNN and Fox News run feature pieces asking . . . read more

Top 10 Poll

Haden Held, Freshman | October 27, 2014

All Leigh High School students 9-12 were asked the following question:   “What is your favorite movie? Here are the results: 1. The Avengers 2. Dumb and Dumber 3. Guardians of the . . . read more

The Art of Art

Kristina Mayorga, Freshman | September 30, 2014

There are always so many things happening at Leigh High School between sports, classroom activities, and other extracurricular activities.  It’s easy to see how art can be overlooked.  But the artwork being produced by . . . read more

For Love of the Game

Sheila Reichmuth | September 24, 2014

The smell of a new leather glove and sunshine welcomed me as my brand new cleats crunched along the Leigh softball field. Stepping on to the field for the first time in four years brought back bittersweet memories of my childhood. More . . . read more

The Wild Adventures of Reading

Hannah Johnson, Sophomore | September 10, 2014

I firmly believe there is no person on this planet who can really say they hate reading, or hate books. They may dislike a certain genre of books, or reading may not be the most enjoyable thing to them, but they truly cannot hate books or . . . read more

Memories Showing Cattle

Hallee Held, Senior | August 18, 2014

Typical girls my age obsess about things like makeup, shopping, and getting dressed up.  I too enjoy doing girly things once in awhile, but my favorite hobby is not the typical “girl” activity.  My favorite hobby is . . . read more

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