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  • Wisner-Pilger Softball Invitational Bracket - August 31st

    Please click the link below to view the bracket for the Wisner-Pilger Softball Invitational on Saturday, August 31st.

    Wisner-Pilger Bracket

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  • Tech Tips Friday - August 23rd

    Tech Tips

    Enter the Flipgrid App and Scan to Watch!!

    A year to think outside the box & connect!!

    Welcome back everyone!!  It is so great to see students’/staff’s smiling faces!!  Our featured tool this week to help guide your Marzano goals is Flipgrid.  You can reflect, interact, highlight content, and collaborate. Below are many links to guide you through the Flipgrid journey.  Have fun playing and if you need any help please ask! There are a couple hashtags attached for Twitter searches to see how teachers are using the program.


    Flipgrid Fever:  Let’s create student voice and connect with the world!  Educator Guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzZGEfOtEWqPcGUzcFd2RzRjYTQ/view


    The possibilities on Flipgridhttps://twitter.com/GridPalGeorge/status/1161755471050682369?s=20 


    Get Started with Flipgrid:  https://info.flipgrid.com/


    Grid Pals from Flipgrid:  #GridPals:  Connect with classrooms from around the world.  There is every grade level and subject matter.



    Flipgrid Disco Library#FlipgridWeeklyHits:  Ideas galore that you can use in your classroom and connect.



    Flipgrid and QR codes for your class and subject content:  

    How to video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCx8bpNkeT0


    How to video on how to use the Flipgrid Apphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdbzaDITSuU


    How to link Flipgrid to Canvas:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDvEadGSwPM

    *Flipgrid PDF on how to for Canvas Integration for Flipgrid: http://static.flipgrid.com/docs/Canvas_Integration.pdf


    Connect in the Disco Library with Nearpod Lessons:  https://admin.flipgrid.com/manage/discovery?dlref=1111199&ns


    Connect in the Disco Library with Flocabulary:  All grades and ages:  https://admin.flipgrid.com/manage/discovery?dlref=1120566&ns


    Flipgrid Live Presentation from ISTE (This is long but very inspirational):  https://vimeo.com/344964373


    Keep Creating!!


    Build a Foundation of Learning Through Technology!



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  • Softball Bracket - 8/24/19 Wayne Invitational

    Please click the link below to view the Wayne High Softball Invitational bracket.


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  • Booster Club Fundraiser

    Please click the link below to view the Booster Club Fundraiser.




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  • Feature image-4

    Clarkson-Leigh FCCLA Hosts Summer Blood Drives

    The Leigh Clarkson FCCLA chapter is not only busy during the school year, but also in the summer! This summer the FCCLA chapter hosted two blood drives, one on May 28th and the second on August 6th. 


    On May 28th there was a great turnout for the blood drive with 44 people donating. Three of those donations were from first time donors: Bailey Lemburg, Taylor Larson, and Alicia Holmberg. There were 10 power red donors. There were 34 whole blood donations as well. Overall there was 53 units of blood collected. 


    Leigh-Clarkson FCCLA advisor, Megan Hillen said, “The Leigh-Clarkson FCCLA chapter would like to thank all the donors that attended our summer blood drives. It is a very busy time of year and we appreciate your willingness to make blood donations a priority. We also need to thank JAMM for the pizza donation at our May blood drive - the donors appreciated the unexpected treat.” 


    Vice President, Taylor Larsen said, "With FCCLA running the blood drives during the summer, it has been a great opportunity for members and officers to help the community out while they are helping save lives."


    The second blood drive of the summer was hosted on August 6th from 1-7 in the afternoon. There was a total of 32 units collected. Junior Madisyn Pelan was a first time donor. 


    There were 10 power red donors including Sheryl Johnson, Jay Powell, Tim Wietfeld, Robin Pokorney, and Laura Bahns. 


    There were 29 whole blood donors. Those donors include: Sherri Maliha, Tiffany Cash, Mark Hoessel, Glen Hake, Pam Hamernik, Patti Holmberg, Carolyn Olson, Brian Maliha, Anson Korte Roger Bruhn, Michelle Held, Heather Kasik, Kim Loseke, Richard Tomasek, Janet Eisenmann, Bailey Lemburg, Rylee Olson, Mary Stodola, Tiffany Rayback, Madisyn Pelan, Natalie Reeves, Donald Hoessel, MaryAnn McMullin, Sharon Schroeder, Maureen Machacek, Dave Hollatz, Brody Boyd, Darrell Bahns, and Payje Rayback.


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  • PAINTriot Pride - Volleyball Fundraiser

    Please see the attachment below with details about painting a door hanger to show off your Patriot pride!

    PAINTriot Pride Information

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  • Patriot Volleyball Apparel

    Attention Patriot Fans: The Patriot Volleyball team is selling apparel! Some is volleyball, some is not sport specific and there's something for everyone!

    Something new this year - it's all online! Check out the link and shop at your convenience! No need to worry about filling out a sheet and writing checks! If you have any questions, please let us know! Thanks for your support!




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