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  • Patriots Drop Back-to-Back Nailbiters

    By: Baylee Settje, a freshman at Leigh High School 


    This past week the Girls Patriot Basketball team had two very challenging back-to-back games against Humphrey St. Francis on January 14 and Pender on January 15. They knew going into both of these games they were going to have to battle really hard to secure wins. 

    The Patriots hadn’t played the St. Francis Flyers in 2 years due to bad weather, and this one was almost cancelled for the third year in a row.  But, in the end, the game went on at an earlier time to beat the ice. 

    The Patriots were excited to play them on their home court. The Patriots started off strong, but then lost the momentum in the 4th quarter. They got through their press pretty well and stayed calm when under pressure, but Humphrey St. Francis kept knocking down their shots. The Patriots battled their hardest until the very end, but couldn’t come out with the win.

    The score at the end of the game was 41-46 with Humphrey St. Francis winning. Overall, sophomore Chloe Hanel attacked the hoop to score 20 points with senior Kennedy Settje close behind her with 18 points.

    Head Coach Matt Murren was asked about that game and he said, "It was a great atmosphere and fun environment to be a part of for the team. We led the first 26 minutes of the game and played really well. St. Francis made some plays in the 4th quarter that we were unable to overcome, which resulted in the loss. Overall, we handled the ball really well and got plenty of looks. We just have to continue to shoot with confidence, and they will fall."

    Makenna Held, a senior, said, “The St. Francis Game was a setback for our team, but I think we learned from it. We didn't necessarily play bad basketball; we worked hard, but we just couldn't get the job done. We will take this loss as a lesson in our season and get back into our groove.”

    The Patriots then went on to play Pender the very next day, wanting to get a win after the loss against Humphrey St. Francis. They led the game the whole time until they got to the fourth quarter.

    Fourth quarter woes hit the Patriot girls again. In the fourth quarter, the Patriots couldn’t stop the Pendragons from scoring, which led to Pender tying the game to go into overtime. The Patriots fought to the very end, but were outscored 1-5 in overtime. The score at the end of the game was 56-60 with another devastating loss for the Patriots. 

                “We came out in the first quarter and got off to a hot start,” Coach Murren said. “We took a lot of great shots and they started falling early. Similar to St. Francis, we held the lead the majority of the game but were unable to get some scores and stops towards the end. We will learn from both of these games and improve from them."

                Kennedy Settje was asked how the game went, and she said, “The Pender game didn’t end the way we wanted it to, however it was a good learning experience for us and allowed us to see what we needed to fix going forward. It was a great game but we just need to find a way to finish in the 4th when the game is close.”

                These two losses snapped a five-game win streak for the Patriot girls.  Their season record now stands at 9-5.


    Game Stats vs. St. Francis:

        Q1    Q2    Q3    Q4    Final 

    St. Francis            8     15      8      15      46

    Clarkson-Leigh   11     12     11      7       41


    Individual Stats: (points, rebounds, assist, steals)

    Chloe Hanel: 20, 4, 3, 5; Kennedy Settje: 18, 5, 0, 3; Makenna Held: 0, 2, 1, 2; Faith Indra: 1, 2, 0, 1  Korbee Wendt: 2, 3, 1, 0; Jessica Hoffman: 0, 2, 0, 0; Brynn Settje: 0, 2, 0, 1


    Game Stats vs. Pender:

        Q1     Q2     Q3    Q4   OT  Final

     Pender                8       14     14     19     5      60

    Clarkson-Leigh   15      12     10     18     1      56


    Individual Stats: (points, rebounds, assists, steals)

    Chloe Hanel: 17, 6, 3, 4; Makenna Held: 2, 2, 4, 1; Kennedy Settje: 16, 4, 4, 0; Faith Indra: 12, 5, 1, 1; Jessica Hoffman: 2, 4, 1, 0 Korbee Wendt: 0, 6, 1, 0; Gracie Eisenmann: 2, 0, 0, 0; Brynn Settje: 5, 1, 0, 1




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  • Quiz Bowl Advances to Round 2 of KTCH Tourney

    By: Aubrie Hanna, a sophomore at Leigh High School


    On Thursday, January 20, the Leigh High School’s Quiz Bowl team showed off their academic prowess by competing in their first competition of the year on the KTCH radio program’s annual quiz bowl.

    In this first-round matchup against Allen Consolidated School, Leigh was victorious and will advance to the next round of the giant 64-school tournament!  The final score was 3-1. This moves them into the next round against Creighton Public Schools on February 10th. 

    The participating members of this round were senior Calvin Wemhoff, senior Kanyon Held, and junior Kyle Holmberg. The rest of the team consists of seniors Kennedy Settje, Makenna Held, Justine Thompson, and Audie Tejkl along with junior Jessica Hoffman. 

    “I am pleased with how we started the quiz bowl season, and I hope we can keep winning,” Wemhoff said.

    Quiz Bowl sponsor Mrs. Madison Gall said, “It was an exciting morning to kick off the start off the radio quiz bowl with a win! I loved seeing how confident the team was with their answers!”


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  • Student Comment Column: Do You Fold Your Pizza?

    By: Isaac Rodenburg, a senior at Leigh High School


     “Yes, I fold my pizza. When you fold your pizza, it increases the structural stability of the whole slice. Folding the slice also makes logistical sense, as your mouth is not large enough to fit a whole slice, so you fold it to eat more pizza quicker.”

                -Audie Tejkl, senior


     “Yes, I do fold it because I don’t want my fingers to get dirty” 

                -Mrs. Gall, guidance counselor


    ““Absolutely not. If you fold your pizza like Kevin Becerril, you are a psycho. It’s just not right.” 

                -Logan Schroeder, senior




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  • Student Opinion: How to Not Procrastinate

    By: Natalie Brabec, a Leigh High School senior (and procrastinator)


                Through my high school career, I feel that I have become talented at many things.  But one of these things is unfortunately the art of procrastination. This is probably not the best skill to master but I try not to think about that!  Now that I am in the second half of my senior year, I wanted to stop procrastinating, but that still has not happened thus far.  But although I haven’t totally kicked the habit, I have picked up a few tips and tricks to keep my procrastination in check! 

                The first thing I do is that I create a list of what needs to be done. By doing this I am able to see everything tangibly in one spot.  Sometimes, however, creating a list is not a good thing because it gives me anxiety from my list being so long! What helps when I am making my list is putting the assignment or project that is going to take me the most time and is the most important because then I can get the worst thing done first. 

                The second thing that helps me is that I clean up my area and eliminate distractions. Cleaning up my area where I am doing my work helps me because I am able to spread out my computer and any folders or books that I might need to use without moving other items in my area. Almost everyone has access to a phone or television, so those could be used as distractions. When I really need to focus and get things done, I put my phone on airplane mode to eliminate distractions.   

                Next, I recommend taking breaks. Sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time is not good for anyone’s eyes or backs. Now when I say take a break, I do not mean go and sit in front of a phone. Some options for taking a break are taking a walk around the house, going and sitting outside, without any electronics, talking to your family or friends if they are in your house, or you could do a quick 5-minute exercise. The way that I have scheduled breaks when I am working is to work for 30 minutes then break for 5 minutes. 

                Also, I pay attention to deadlines.  I may push the deadline, but I always get it done in time because I prioritize. Lets face it, sometimes even after you are working all night, there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. On a school night and I have to get a big long list of assignments and projects done, I try to get the project that needs to be done tomorrow done first. 

                Now that we have established some ways to overcome being a procrastinator, let's talk about the different types of procrastinators. Self-help literature on procrastination mostly agrees there are four common types: the Performer, the Self-Deprecator, the Overbooker, and the Novelty Seeker. 

    The first type is the performer. This type of procrastinator tells themselves that they work best under pressure, so they wait until the last minute. A way to overcome this is by setting a start day instead of an end date. The way that this helps is because someone is focusing on when they are starting it instead of when they need to get it done. 

    The second type is the Self-Deprecator. They tend to say “I can’t do this right now because I’m so lazy.”  In reality, most Self-Deprecators aren’t lazy at all–they are just really tired from trying to do too much. One way to overcome this is just to take a nap and recharge your batteries when needed. Then get back at it. 

    The third type of a procrastinator is the Overbooker. This person books so much on their schedule, instead of actually working on what they need to get done, they always say that they are too busy to do anything. If this is you, the way to overcome this is by focusing on what you actually need to get done and what you are avoiding. 

    The fourth and final type is the Novelty Seeker. They keep finding new projects to work on, instead of finishing their projects they need to get done. 

    I feel that I am a Performer because I definitely have that little voice in my head that says “Oh, you do best under pressure.” And in a way, this is true; I have received some very good grades on my projects done last minute, but others not so much. 

                Unfortunately, doing everything on my list that I can to stop procrastinating still doesn’t always do the trick.  Heck I try to do everything that I can to not procrastinate, including starting the project two months early!  But when it comes down to the due date, I am somehow still up until 2 am doing the project. So even if my tips and tricks haven’t necessarily helped me totally rid myself of my procrastination habit, hopefully someone else can benefit!  To all my fellow procrastinators out there, good luck!




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  • 2022 Senior Spotlight: Madison Noonan

    By: Kennedy Settje, a senior at Leigh High School


    October 1st, 2003, was a great day for the Noonan family as they welcomed the arrival of their daughter, Madison Taylor Noonan. 

                Madison’s parents are Greg and the late Shawn Noonan. Her stepmom is Kim Noonan. Madison’s grandparents are Barb and the late Mike Noonan of Columbus and Lee and Kathy Seda of Platte Center.

    Madison also has two siblings: Mackenzie Noonan (22) and Jordan Noonan (16). She also has 3 step siblings: Karlie (27), Sarah (24), and Meranda (20). She has two dogs named Duke and Coco. 

                Madison has participated in many activities throughout high school. She was involved in dance for 2 years, volleyball and Youth Advisory Committee for 3 years, and One-Act, FFA, FBLA, Travel Club, and Yearbook for 4 years. Madison is the FFA president this year. 

                One of Madison’s proudest high school accomplishments is completing so many college classes while still in high school. She will graduate high school with close to 30 college credits already completed.  She plans on attending Bryan College of Health Science in Lincoln to become a Physician’s Assistant.   

                Outside of school, Madison enjoys fishing and four wheeling. She loves Texas Roadhouse and going to rodeos and concerts with friends. Her favorite TV show is The Ranch and she enjoys listening to country music, specifically “My Kinda Livin” by Hardy. 

                Three words that best describe Madison are happy, hardworking, and compassionate. Madison is always willing to lend a helping hand and works hard in the classroom and all of her extracurricular activities. 

                Madison sees herself working in a clinic or hospital with a family of her own someday. Some other goals she has for her future are to graduate college with good grades, buy a nice pickup, and build a nice house someday. 

                Madison’s advice to underclassmen would be, “Go out and have fun, don't let other peoples’ opinions stop you.” 

                We wish Madison the best of luck in all of her future endeavors!




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  • Eisenmann Finishes 3rd at District Voice of Democracy Competition

    By: Paige Kurpgeweit, a freshman at Leigh High School


    Each year Leigh sophomores take part in the Voice of Democracy speech contest in their English class. This year, Gracie Eisenmann was the local winner for Leigh High School, and she recited her winning speech at the Veteran’s Day program in November. 

    But her speech also went on to compete at the district level after winning the local level, and she finished very high at this level against many other speeches. 

    At the beginning of the new year, Eisenmann was notified by mail that she placed third in the Voice of Democracy District 15 competition.   

    Donald Eckstein, Commander of District 15 of Nebraska wrote, “Gracelyn, we all enjoyed listening to your essay as it was very well-spoken and presented, and the VFW District 15 judges found your response to the theme, ‘America: Where Do We Go From Here?’ to be candid, well-organized, and inspiring. As the world continues to march forward, we count on future leaders, like yourself, to uphold the values and principles upon which our great nation was founded.” 

    Mrs. Justine Fischer, Eisenmann’s English teacher said, “Gracie is a hardworking student and an excellent writer who put a lot of time and critical thought into her essay.  She is also a really strong, clear speaker.  I am excited her audio essay did so well because she is definitely deserving!  She honored our veterans and represented her classmates and her school well!”

    Eisenmann herself said, “I really am honored to be able to receive this award and I’m very proud that I was able to honor our veterans through my speech because that is what is most important.”



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  • Individual Wrestlers Place High at Cross County

    By: Ella Urban, a freshman at Leigh High School


    On January 15th, the Clarkson-Leigh wrestling team participated in a tournament at Cross County in Stromsburg.

    The team had a successful meet with 4 out of their 5 wrestlers placing in this tournament, which included 19 other schools. The three qualifying included sophomore Dylan Higby, freshman Jacob Koehn, sophomore Morgan Bunner, and senior Bryce Jurgensen.

    “I think we improved at this meet,” Bunner said.  “We got more matches in and could practice what we were learning in practice.  I think we could have wrestled better, but since most of us were sick earlier in the week, we were a little slower I think.”

    Head Coach Tyler Reeves stated, “We only had 5 guys wrestle that day due to illness. The guys who did wrestle competed well. This meet was another solid day by this group.”


    Individual Records for the Tournament

    Morgan Bunner: 2-2 (5th Place); Bryce Jurgensen: 1-2 (6th Place); Dylan Higby: 4-1 (2nd Place); Jaden Stoklasa: 0-2 (9th Place); Jacob Koehn: 3-1(4th Place)



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  • GBB C-Team Gets Two Wins in One Week!

    By: Brianne Kuhr, a freshman at Leigh High School


                The Clarkson-Leigh C-team girls fought against the David City Scouts on January 10th and the Lakeview Vikings on January 13th.

                To begin the week, the Patriots battled against David City Public on Monday. This started their week off right by defeating the Scouts by 17 points. The leading scorer was freshman Baylee Settje with 15 points.

                Settje stated, “As a team, we worked really well together. We moved the ball and got good looks. The game gave us an opportunity to try new strategies and see what we need to improve on.”

                Junior Deandrea Rivera said, “When going to David City, we were all energetic. This definitely helped us with keeping a positive attitude, which I believe helped us win. We played really well that night, but we also made mistakes. Overall it was a beneficial game for us, and it was an enjoyable experience!”

    On Thursday, the girls’ C-team played against Lakeview. The team’s goal was to out hustle Lakeview, and that’s exactly what they did. The Patriots scored many layups, and always beat the Vikings to the basket; this was the key to the game. This led to a 30-point win over Lakeview. The top scorers were Brianne Kuhr with 13 points and Izzy Hollatz with 12 points.

    Hollatz stated, “During the Lakeview game, we got a lot of baskets on transition. We also executed our plays very well, which led to some nice outside shots and shots in the post area. As a team, we just played a really great game!”

    Coach Rebecca Hiatt said, “After a nice win against David City on Monday, the team came out strong against Lakeview. We played well on both ends of the court and put together a complete game.”

    These two wins bring the girls basketball C-team record to 2-2.


    Clarkson-Leigh v. David City

                                        Q1          Q2            Q3           Q4       Final

    Clarkson-Leigh           10            7               7             12          36

    David City                    4             2              4              9           19


    Clarkson-Leigh v. Lakeview

                                        Q1          Q2            Q3            Q4       Final

    Clarkson-Leigh           12            5              12             11         40

    Lakeview                     4             0               3               3          10



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  • Wrestlers Finish Strong in Back-to Back Invites Out West

    By: Sydney Reeves, a junior at Leigh High School


                      The Clarkson-Leigh Patriot Wrestling Team is in the midst of their season and in full swing. The weekend of January 7-8, the Patriots hit the road for a whirlwind two tournaments in two days. On Friday, January 7th, the wrestlers made the long drive to Burwell for an invite. 

    The Patriots were ready to have the chance to wrestle new teams. The Clarkson-Leigh wrestlers had tough competition and three kids missing, but they still wrestled well. There were 18 other teams at this invite. The Patriots finished in 9th place. St. Paul won the tournament. 

    Sophomore Dylan Higby won his bracket in the 132-weight class. He beat the #7 rated, undefeated, wrestler in the finals match.  


    Individual Records for the Burwell Tournament: 

    Morgan Bunner: 2-2; Dylan Higby: 4-0 (1st); James Grotelueschen: 1-2; Jaden Stoklasa: 1-2; Jackson Koehn: 2-2; Cooper Vance: 4-1 (3rd); Dillan Maple: 2-2


                      The next day on Saturday, January 8th, the Clarkson-Leigh wrestling team had an invite at Amherst. This invite included a total of 20 teams. Overall, the Patriots finished in 6th place. Amherst won the tournament. This was a tough day of wrestling, but the Patriots handled it really well with four people placing. 

                      Jaden Stoklasa beat the #5 rated, undefeated, wrestler for the 3rd place match of his bracket in the 145-weight class. 

                      “Amherst and Burwell were definitely some of the toughest Class C tournaments, and I think we came ready to wrestle,” Stoklasa said. “There is always room to improve and we got better over the course of the weekend.”

    Head Coach, Tyler Reeves said, “We wrestled really well in two tough tournaments and had some big wins. We are getting better every practice and every tournament we have.” 


    Individual Records for the Amherst Tournament: 

    Morgan Bunner: 4-2 (4th); Bryce Jurgensen: 4-1 (3rd); Isaac Baumert: 1-2; Dylan Higby: 3-2; James Grotelueschen: 0-2; Jaden Stoklasa: 5-1 (3rd); Jacob Koehn: 2-2; Jackson Koehn: 1-2; Cooper Vance: 3-1 (2nd); Dillan Maple: 1-2



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  • Preschool Interest Survey

    2022-2023 Leigh Community Schools Preschool Interest Survey
    Interested in three and four-year-old preschool in the fall? Now is the time to complete our interest survey to begin your child’s journey through education! Children must be ages three and four years-old on or before July 31st, 2022 in order to be eligible. Please complete the following survey by February 1st.
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