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Learning Empowers Individuals to Great Heights


    FRIDAY, APRIL 16TH 4 pm - 6:30 pm

    Guided tours will begin at 4 pm and continue until 6:30 Presentation by the Board of Education and YAC History Mural Dedication at 5 pm Enter through the Leigh Community Schools High School Main Office entrance

    Burgers, chips and bottled water provided with donations by: Hausmann Construction BVH Architecture Citizens State Bank First National Capital Markets

    Dessert provided by the Leigh Youth Advisory

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  • Leigh Competes at EHC Quiz Bowl Competition

    By: Aubrie Hanna, a freshman at Leigh High School

    The EHC Conference Quiz Bowl, held on March 29 at Howells-Dodge High School, was a big day for the Leigh High School Quiz Bowl Team, and they finished with a solid showing.

    All 16 Conference schools participated, and Leigh’s team placed within the top half.

                Each team was allowed four people to compete in each match, and two alternates. The team consisted of seniors Emily Loseke and Cassidy Hoffman; juniors Calvin Wemhoff, Justine Thompson, and Kanyon Held; and sophomore Kyle Holmberg. They competed in three rounds to decide the brackets for the following tournament.

    After the brackets were determined, the Leigh Quiz Bowl’s team was put up against Stanton, and were victorious in this first round.

     They proceeded to the quarterfinals against Oakland-Craig, and were unfortunately defeated, marking that as their last competition for the evening. 

                The winner of the competition was Pender, with Oakland-Craig as the runner up.

                Coach Mrs. Karen Hillen said, “Quiz Bowl is an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their academic knowledge, however sometimes it is really the luck of the draw with regards to the questions. In one round you may have an emphasis on science or math related questions, while another round may have a focus on literature and historical events.  I am proud of the students who represented our school and were so willing to share their knowledge and expertise in this fast-paced think-on-your-feet event. I truly believe that some of them are ready to be a contestant on the next Jeopardy game.”

                Emily Loseke, a senior on the Quiz Bowl Team, said, “I'm thankful for the opportunity to compete in the Conference Quiz Bowl and represent our school. We did fairly well, and we answered questions in a variety of subjects. As a whole, we did a great job of balancing each other out. Everyone had something to bring to the table. Overall, the most confusing question of the night was surprisingly the definition of an apple.”



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  • Student Opinion Column: How Traveling Benefits Young People

    By: Macy Clausen, a freshman at Leigh High School

    Think of the world we live in. It is crazy, yet so beautiful, with so many places to explore, sights to see, roads to drive on, and attractions to visit in every which way. We have such limited time on Earth to take in all that our world has to offer. 

    It used to be that only the very wealthy could afford to travel for pleasure. But nowadays, with a little budgeting and planning, traveling is as easy as hopping on a plane, and landing at a chosen destination.

    That is why I believe that everyone should take every opportunity they have to travel, especially young people. 

    Does traveling at a young age benefit kids and teens? Yes! Of course! Young children and teenagers traveling can help them so much. They get the chance to learn about new places, see new things, and spend time with their friends and family in a different location. Studies show it builds intelligence and background knowledge, and even stimulates brain development.  It also deepens children’s understanding of other people and other cultures, which can increase empathy and social connectedness. 

    But beyond that…it just creates happiness. 

    I myself love traveling. It's the simple thought of going somewhere out of your hometown and being fortunate enough to see other wonders of the world. I am also fortunate enough to have a family that loves to travel just as much as I do. Sometimes my parents even show they love traveling too much and don’t even take us kids. Now, that is one definite downfall of traveling in my family. 

    Although not all children and teens have the opportunity to travel, I still know that it does benefit them. Learning new things, seeing new attractions, and having a little getaway time with the people you love is the absolute best.



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  • Historical Elementary Music Concert a Huge Success!

    By: Jessica Hoffman, a sophomore at Leigh High School

    This year's K-6 spring concert, held on March 23, was a tribute to the history of Leigh, and featured music from various decades and an original script written by Leigh choir teacher, Mrs. Cindy Settje. 

    Settje explained a little more of what the concert was about by saying, “I am so excited that we finally got to have this concert.  Last year when our theme was ‘Under Construction’, I thought it would be fun to research the changes that Leigh Community Schools went through over the past 100+ years especially since it would be the last concert held in the old gym. Unfortunately, COVID had different ideas, and we never got to have that concert.  This year we learned about decades of music, so I tweaked the concert a little from last year and rewrote ‘A Blast From the Past’ including top hits from the different decades, but still including the history of Leigh Community Schools."

    She continued, “I am so proud of how the students performed, acted, and enjoyed singing.  Everything went so smoothly and was a lot of fun to do. There were so many people who helped out to make it truly a successful 'blast from the past.”

    The unique concert had a wonderful community turnout.  It also featured junior Audie Tejkl and senior Emily Loseke dressed in late 1800s fashion and narrating the entire program.  Junior Natalie Brabec and senior Rylee Olson also helped out by creating a presentation that played on the vision board that went along with what the concert was about. 

    The show began with over 40 preschool students under the direction of Mrs. Tiffany Cash showing off what they have been working on in their classroom. 

    Next, the Kindergarteners played the construction workers who have been working on our school. They walked onto stage with their hard hats and construction gear. They then began to sing their songs “Heigh Ho Heigh Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go”; “Skip, Skip To My Lou”; and “Just Whistle While You Work.”

     Then we learned how our town began. It started in 1874 in Millersburg. Where is that you may ask? Well, it’s here. Our town was originally named after Mrs. Miller, but then in 1887 it was renamed to Leigh. The first graders then came on stage and sang “Home on the Range” and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” to commemorate this time in history.

                The next big event in Leigh’s history was the bond passing and the building of the school. In 1907 a bond was passed to build an eight-room building that cost $15,750.00. Unfortunately, in 1925, a fire caused some of that building to be damaged, which caused another election. This special election was for a bond to remodel and add an assembly room, gymnasium, and two other classrooms to the existing building.

    The second graders then began to sing their songs, “They’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight,” “Tea for Two,” and “1929 Happy Days are Here Again.”

     After the second graders sang, junior Audie Tejkl and senior Emily Loseke continued to narrate the concert, talking about the school during the years of 1965 and 1966. During this time there were 317 students enrolled at school making those hallways packed full of students. The third and fourth graders then sang the songs “Lollipop,” “Great Ball of Fire,” “Those Were the Days My Friend,” and “I’m a Believer.”

                Fast forward a couple decades, and Leigh was in need of a new elementary school, so Leigh finally passed a bond for 2.5 million dollars. This took three times and finally passed in 1997. In 1999 they were able to move into the new elementary school. The fifth and sixth graders then sang songs from the more modern days “Back in 1999,” “I Want it That Way,” “Somewhere Out There,” and “Old Town Road.” They ended the spring concert by asking the spectators to participate in singing the school song, which is “Across the Field.”

     Sixth grader Vylet Hollatz enjoyed the concert and said, “It was fun to learn about the history of Leigh, and my favorite part of the concert was singing our school song with the crowd.”

                Senior Emily Loseke also helped put on this spring concert by narrating it. She said, “This was a really awesome experience for everyone involved! I thoroughly enjoyed the music and celebrating our town's past and future. I'm thankful I could participate as a senior and with my little brother, since it was his last elementary concert. I would like to give a special shout-out to Mrs. Settje for writing a great program and Loretta Tejkl for helping with the historically accurate costumes as well."



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  • Class of 2021 Senior Spotlight: Layne Krutz

    By: Alicia Holmberg, a senior at Leigh High School

    On December 4, 2002, in Norfolk, Nebraska, Kory and Wendy Krutz became parents to their third and final child, Layne Krutz.

    Fast forward 18 years, and their youngest is now about to graduate high school.

    Layne has two older siblings: Ashlynn, 24, and Ried, 21. The Krutz family also has three dogs: Milly the black lab and Australian shepherd mix; Bella, the German shepherd and husky mix; and Hank, the morkie. 

                Throughout his high school career, Layne has been involved in Football and One-Act for four years and FFA for three years. Through these activities he has lettered in Football and One Act, as well as earned his Greenhand and Chapter degree through FFA. 

                When asked what his proudest high school accomplishment was he stated “Making it this far.” For his favorite high school memory, he recalls fitting 15 cheese sticks in his mouth during lunch. 

                For Layne’s future plans, he plans to attend Northeast Community College to major in Automotive Technology. In 10-15 years, he sees himself working and racing cars on the side. 

                If he won the lottery, Layne would “open a garage working on classic cars with a bar and grill attached to it.” When asked if he could travel anywhere in the world, he said, “Canada, to go hunting and fishing”.

                Three words Layne would describe himself are adventurous, hard-working, and different. His says his favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and working on cars. Layne’s biggest pet peeve is when people “act dumb.” 

                Layne’s favorite subject in school is weightlifting. His favorite TV show is Trailer Park Boys; song is “Man of Constant Sorrow”; sports team is the Huskers; food and restaurant is cheeseburgers and Big Red Keno. 

                Layne says he admires all his family members, but especially his Grandpa Denny because he is so successful.

    His advice to underclassmen is “Don’t ever punch a mirror in the bathroom…you won’t win.”

    Congratulations and best of luck, Layne!


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  • Leigh-Clarkson FCCLA Places in 9 Events at State Leadership Conference

    Congratulations to the members of the Leigh-Clarkson FCCLA chapter who competed in the state STAR competition. Results are listed below. Best of luck at the national competition this summer! 

    Level 1

    Brynn Settje and Ella Urban, Event Managment, Silver, State Champion, National Qualifier

    Izzy Hollatz and Baylee Settje, Focus on Children. Gold, State Champion, National Qualifier

    Level 2

    Dee Rivera, Career Investigation, Gold

    Macy Clausen and Cassi Rayback, Focus on Children, Silver

    Tanyn Larson and Gracie Eisenmann, National Programs in Action, Gold, State Champion, National Qualifier 

    Level 3

    Cassidy Hoffman, Job Interview, Silver

    Emily Loseke, National Programs in Action, Gold, State Runner-Up, National Qualifier

    Natalie Brabec, Nutrition and Wellness, Silver, State Runner-Up, National Qualifier

    Bailey Lemburg and Mitchel Beeson, Sports Nutrition, Gold, State Champion, National Qualifier 

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