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Leigh Community Schools

High School

Comment Column: Should the gambling age be lowered to 18?

“Yes, the legal age to be able to gamble should be 18. If you are considered an adult and make your own decisions, you should be able to decide what you do with the money you work for.” -James Grotelueschen, senior  . . .

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Student Opinion: Altered School Start Times Should Be Considered

School can get to be a long day for some students including me. Most students in Leigh are student-athletes or involved in other extracurricular activities and have to go to practices and games at night. This can get to be a lot to handle for . . .

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The Importance of Study Hall

Almost all students can say that they absolutely despise homework. Even teachers aren’t fans of staying up late grading papers. With athletics, extracurriculars, and work added on top of student’s long day, finding time after . . .

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Student Opinion: Why You Should Drink Home-Brewed Coffee

When many people think of coffee, they think of elders sitting around a table chatting or the old myth that coffee stunts your growth. However, people may not know that home-brewed coffee has many benefits. As a coffee drinker myself, . . .

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Student Comment Column: What are your thoughts on climbing gas prices?

By: Isaac Rodenburg, a senior at Leigh High School   “ I feel that gas prices are ridiculously high, and my pickup burns through gas faster than I would like, only getting 13 mpg.” . . .

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