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  • Junior High Track Team Finishes Season at Conference Tourney

    7th Grade Girls are Conference Runner-Up, 8th Grade Girls Take Third!

    By: Gracie Eisenmann, a freshman at Leigh High School

    On May 7, the junior high track team headed out for their final meet of the year. They participated in the East Husker Conference held in North Bend.

    Kendall Schneider placed 4th in the 100, 3rd in 100M hurdles, and 3rd in 195M hurdles; Nevaeh Zulkoski placed 5th in the 400M dash; Liz Hoffman placed 2nd in the 1 mile; Karly Wendt  placed 3rd in 1 mile; Ava Kasik placed 1st in 100H, 1st in 195H, and 1st in the 200M dash; Willow Fernau placed 3rd in high jump, Jocelyn Donnelly placed 4th in triple jump, Hannah Cech placed 6th in triple jump; and Rowan Stodola placed 6th in shot put. The 4X100 team of Willow Fernau, Kendall Schneider, Nevaeh Zulkoski, and Ava Kasik received 1st with a time of 57.8. The 4X400 team of Nevaeh Zulkoski, Willow Fernau, Sydney Messerlie, and Alessa Gall received 4th place. The 7th grade girls were very successful and were named Conference Runner-Up! 

    The 8th grade girls finished up 3rd overall. Hailey Knapp placed 3rd in the 100M dash, 4th in the 200M dash and 4th in long jump; Summer Harney placed 5th in the 100M dash; Rosie Guillen placed 6th in the 200M dash and 2nd in the 195M hurdles; Izzy Hollatz placed 6th in the 800M and 4th in the 1 mile; Brynn Settje placed 4th in the 100M Hurdles and 3rd in the 195M hurdles; Baylee Settje placed 4th in high jump and 4th in Triple Jump; and  Kammy Held placed 6th in Triple Jump. The 4X100 team of Summer Harney, Brynn Settje, Hailey Knapp, and Cadence Indra was 1st with a time of 57.7. The 4X400 team of Kammy Held, Baylee Settje, Ella Urban, and Nathaly Pinonez placed 4th.

     Here is what Brianne Kuhr had to say about the meet, “All of us gave it 100% at conference and many of us got one or more PR’s that day. This whole season was new for us eighth graders and seventh graders, so ending the season off well was a big accomplishment!”

     For the 7th grade boys, Tucker Matthies placed 6th in the 100M dash, 3rd in the 200M dash, and 5th in long jump; Wyatt Crosley placed 2nd in the 100M hurdles and 6th in the 195M hurdles; Grant Hanel placed 6th in high jump; Brody Vodenhal placed 2nd in shot put; and Levi Gall placed 3rd shot put and 1st in discus. The 4X100 team of Tucker Matthies, Grant Hanel, Corey Steffensmeier, and Quentin Mullenhoff received 1st.

    For the 8th grade boys, Jacob Koehn placed 6th in the 100M dash and 5th 100M hurdles; Nile Jones placed 6th in the 200M dash; 5th in the 400M dash; and 2nd in the 1 mile; and Korbin Lemburg placed 5th in shot put and 4th in discus. The 4X100 team of Nile Jones, Korbin Lemburg, Jacob Koehn, and Jairo Alvarado received 6th.   

    Mrs. Held was very pleased with the team's success this season. 

    “It was a fantastic way to finish the season with over 40 PR’s!” she said.




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  • Leigh Kindness Challenge Spans Across Individuals, Schools, Communities

    By: Emily Loseke, a senior at Leigh High School

    On October 14th, the Leigh sixth grade class recited the kindness oath, “I do so solemnly swear to faithfully and anonymously execute my missions thereby spreading kindness to everyone.” Since then, around 2,100 random acts of kindness have been completed through the Leigh Secret Kindness Agency, their kindness challenges, and their kindness programs for younger elementary students and community members.

    The Secret Kindness Agency consists of 19 full-time agents who completed weekly kindness missions, now totally over 1,000. Kindness missions are random acts of kindness, such as saying “good morning” to two different people in the morning, writing a thank you note to teachers or parents, and many other kind acts. In addition, they challenge other school districts’ sixth grade classes and other Leigh classes in kindness competitions.

    The first ever sixth grade challenge against other schools was in November. Leigh battled one other school and completed about 144 kind acts, including writing thank you letters to veterans. The final sixth grade challenge involved eight other school districts. 650 kind acts were completed. The kind acts were to tell two different people "good morning" every day, write a thank you letter to an adult at school, write a kind note to a classmate and an older and younger student, compliment at least 5 different people, and tell a friend why they're amazing. 

    In total, the Agency challenged ten other school districts and completed over 1,000 kind acts through these challenges. The ten other school districts were: Clarkson, Ainsworth, Howells-Dodge, Humphrey Public, Wisner-Pilger, Humphrey St. Francis, Shell Creek, Oakland Craig, Pender, and St. Edward

    The first ever Leigh kindness challenge was in October and involved the third graders and seniors. 184 kind acts were completed. The grand finale was a school-wide kindness challenge, involving grades 3-12. There were over 466 kind acts completed, and the winning classes were the sixth graders and juniors with 100%. The kind acts were telling two different people “good morning,” write a thank you letter as a class to a teacher and another adult at school, write a kind encouraging note to three different student (one older, one in your class, and one older), compliment at least 5 different people, and write a kind note as a class at a public place.

    The Kind Character program involved the kindergarten, first, and second grade classes in Leigh, and it was started on November 11th. This program taught students what kindness means in a fun and relevant way. It was active until Christmas break.

    When asked about the impact of the Agency and its other programs, Secret Agent Ocean said, “I think it’s a great way to spread kindness around the school and community, and it’s also a great way for the younger kids to learn about kindness.” 

    The Kind Connection was active from February 5th to May 1st and promoted kindness within our community. This program helped community members pay kindness forward and reached over 50 people.

    At the beginning of the school year, I created a survey to find the numerical value of kindness within my school. The results showed that 50% of the student body believes kindness is very important (the highest rating,) 61% tries to be kind and values kindness, and 48% feels their class is kind. A follow up survey at the end of the revealed the value of kindness has increased by 10% overall. 

    Here’s what the sixth graders had to say about the Agency:

    Secret Agent John Deere Joe said, “I learned that just a little bit of kindness can change the way someone feels, acts, and thinks.”

    Secret Agent Butterfly said, “I think you should do the Secret Kindness Agency next year because with more and more people learning and being kind the better because if they learn kindness, maybe there will be less bullying in school.”

    Secret Agent Cow said, “Being kind to everyone is helping them be able to find the best about themselves and when you get the note from someone, you are able to find the best in yourself, and I really like that.”

    Secret Agent Hope said, “I think you should do the Agency next year because other people can learn how to be kind and to make more people happy and spread even more kindness throughout the school and other places.”

    This project will continue in the future, as it’s proven worthwhile and impactful. Thank you for all the support and helping make this project a success. Remember to “Stand Up and #BeKind.”



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  • 2020-21 School Year Comes to a Close!

    By: Leigh High School Journalism Staff

    The Leigh Elementary celebrated the last week of school with a fun-filled day of activities on Monday, May 17.  The day featured a 5th and 6th grade science fair, a 6th grade graduation program, and a track and field day filled with games and activities!  

    The last week for the high school students was full of activities as well.  On Monday, FFA chapter officers helped run a petting zoo in the afternoon.  The rest of the students helped with elementary track and field, picked up trash around town, or took part in community service at the park by pulling branches from the creek, pulling weeds, picking up sticks, and raking sand. 

    On the final day of school, May 19, the high school students took part in the annual Patriot Cup competition between the classes.  They competed head to head in trivia, Newlywed match game, tug of war, knockout, volleyball, and a cornhole/sleeping bag race relay.  The juniors were the winning class with the staff team coming in a close second!

    What a great way to cap off a fantastic year at Leigh Community Schools!  

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  • Leigh Pre-K Celebrates End of the Year!

    By: Leigh High School Journalism Staff

    The lights were on, the red carpet was rolled out (literally!), and the Leigh Pre-K students were ready to put on a show!

    On Monday, May 17 at 6 pm, the Morning and Afternoon Pre-K classes gathered in the Leigh High School gym to put on a short program for their parents and loved ones.  Then their names were called by Mrs. Petersen and they received a certificate from their teacher, Mrs. Tiffany Cash for completing a year of Pre-K.  The students were also all given treats to take home as a fun way to end the school year!

    “Celebrating with our families was the perfect way to wrap up the year,” Mrs. Cash said. “I am so proud of each of my students and thankful for the love and support we have received this year. We are truly fortunate to have such wonderful and eager young learners!”

    Receiving certificates for the Morning Pre-K class were Matthew Amezcua, Emma Cash, Oaklyn Folken, Raelynn Fuhr, Jude Gall, Kord Groteluschen, Kaifer Hillen, Cru Koch, Andi Machmueller, Alexia Magsamen, Everly Malena, Darian Merida Molina, Nixon Mullenhoff, McCoy Svehla, Dakota Svitak, Isaiah Urban, Laurel Urban, Thea Urban, Kendall Went, Braxen Wietfeld, and Micah Wietfeld.

    Receiving Pre-K awards for the afternoon class was Abigail Ahrens, Matilda Ahrens, Weslie Brabec, Cohen Czarnick, Logan Dietrich, Hadlee Dostal, Kashmir Fisher, Lawson Gall, Emmett Hake, Kenzie Kabes, Marrx Kabes, Liam Mohnsen, Brecken Ohlde, Bria Settje, Kendrik Svehla, Zoey Torres, Barrett Wendt, Carter Wendt, Brecken Went, Kale Wietfeld, and Paxton Wietfeld.

    Many of these students will be heading to Kindergarten next year, and we wish them all the best of luck!


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  • Emily Loseke and Kanyon Held Named as Final “Students of the Month”

    By: Leigh High School Journalism Staff

    Throughout the school year there have been many deserving “Students of the Month” at Leigh High School, and the final month of the year was no exception. 

    To win this award, students in grades 7-12 are nominated by their teachers, and they can be nominated for any reason, not just high academic scores.  There are usually 5-10 nominations, and then the teachers vote on the nominations each month to choose two winners.  No student can win the award more than one time throughout the school year.  With 100 students 7-12, the award is a very prestigious honor!

    The two outstanding students for the final month of the year were senior Emily Loseke and junior Kanyon Held.

    The first student of the month is Emily Loseke.

    Emily is the daughter of Ben and Pam Loseke. Her grandparents are Rick and Judy Loseke of Leigh and Joe and Sylvia Moody of Ainsworth.

    Emily is highly involved in school activities. She enjoys participating in basketball, track and field, FCCLA, FBLA, One-Act, journalism, yearbook, speech, and National Honor Society. She is also President of the Leigh Youth Advisory Committee and involved in 4-H.  Her favorite subjects in school are English and art.

    Outside of school, Emily’s favorite hobbies are hanging out with friends and family, 4-H, writing, running, and serving her community and church.

    With recently graduating high school, Emily plans to attend Concordia University in Seward this fall as a part of the Luke’s Honor Scholar program majoring in Christian Education.  She will also run track and field at Concordia. 

    “I have won this award in the past, and the honor has always meant a lot to me, but it means even more my senior year,” Loseke said. “I’ve always wanted to leave a positive impact on those around me, and I truly believe I’ve done that in high school and will continue to do that in the future.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without those around me supporting me, so this honor is really a testament to all the people who have helped make me the person I am today.  I am so thankful for their continued support.” 

    Here is what Emily’s teachers had to say about her:

    --“Emily’s kindness and work ethic radiates to our students and staff.  Her BeKind movement has created a positive atmosphere at school and generated positive leadership for students.  Emily is an excellent role model in the classroom, sports, and student organizations.”

    --“Emily is such a unique and talented student who is so deserving of recognition.  She excels in the classroom and her extracurricular activities, but it is her positivity, character, work ethic, selflessness, and the general way she treats others that set her apart and make her a leader.  She has been a positive light in our school, and we will greatly miss her next year.”

    The second student of the month is junior Kanyon Held.

    Kanyon is the son of Kip and Kamin Held.  He is the grandson of Dennis and Linda Hillen of Creston and the late Bob Held and Lorraine Held, who resides at Meridian Gardens in Columbus. 

    Kanyon’s favorite class is ag. He is also involved in many extracurriculars, including football, basketball, One-Act, FFA, FBLA, and Youth Advisory Committee. 

    Outside of the classroom, Kanyon’s favorite hobbies are hunting and hanging out with his friends.

    After high school Kanyon is undecided on which college he will attend, but he knows he will attend a four-year school and earn a degree in Engineering or Construction Management.

    “I feel like I work pretty hard in school, so I appreciate my teachers noticing that and nominating me for the award,” Held said.  

                Here is what Kanyon’s teachers had to say about him:

                --“Kanyon has really matured and become a leader in our school this year.  He seems to have found his place and has grown into a really fun kid to be around and have in class.”

                --“Kanyon is extremely deserving of this award.  He has a high work ethic, and he excels academically and in activities.  He was a leader in the One-Act play earlier this year and received numerous awards.  He has really demonstrated growth in maturity in the past couple years, and will undoubtedly be a positive leader in the school as a senior next year.  He is also very devoted to his community, serving as an officer for multiple organizations like FFA and Youth Advisory Committee.” 

                Emily and Kanyon join the rest of the 2020-2021 winners, including Cassidy Hoffman, Trevor Zulkoski, Kyleigh Rayback, Cortlynn Cadwallader, Kevin Becerril, Kennedy Settje, Natalie Brabec, Madison Noonan, Dee Rivera, Leah Pinkston, Izabel Hollatz, Sofia Hake, and Kyle McMullin.

                Congratulations to all these deserving winners!


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  • High School Celebrates Academic Achievement

    Picture: ACT Achievement Award Winners (L to R): Emily Loseke (Gold), Alicia Holmberg (Bronze), Cassidy Hoffman (Gold)

    Picture: NSAA Academic All-State Team (L to R): Emily Loseke (Speech, Track), Cassidy Hoffman (VB, GBB, One-Act), Makenna Held (Music), Natalie Brabec (Music), Kanyon Held (One-Act)


    By: Leah Pinkston, a freshman at Leigh High School

    With the absence of a fourth quarter during last year’s school year, there was a special feeling to the end of this school year.  To that effect, having all the end-of-the-year awards ceremonies and banquets in person after the roller-coaster pandemic year provided a great sense of accomplishment. 

    And the students honored in the May 12th Leigh Jr/Sr High Academic Awards Ceremony certainly deserved to be recognized for their accomplishments!

    The ceremony took place at 9 am in the Leigh High School gym.  All 7-12 students and teachers, as well as some parents, were in attendance.

    At this ceremony, each teacher gives awards to students with top grades or students they feel worked diligently year-round and exceeded expectations. 

    "We are proud to recognize the multiple academic achievements of our students,” Leigh 7-12 Principal Troy Holmberg said.  “We also have great participation in the fine arts, and these efforts need to be noted. It is wonderful to celebrate everything from high ACT scores to the over 50 students involved in the One-Act play. 

    “I also agree with what others have stated,” Holmberg continued. “We still would like to see more students involved in multiple school activities, taking college courses, and striving to be on the honor roll. We never want already being good to stand in the way of being great."

    Featured below is the list of award receivers listed by teacher.  In addition to these awards, Mrs. Hollatz also handed out library reading challenge awards at the end of year at a later date.


    Mr. Holmberg – 7-12 Principal

    ACT Award:

    Bronze (26-27) - Alicia Holmberg

    Silver (28-29)

    Gold (30+) -Cassidy Hoffman and Emily Loseke

    East Husker Conference Senior Academic All-Conference:  Cassidy Hoffman, Emily Loseke, Alicia Holmberg

    Norfolk Daily News All-Area Academic Team:  Cassidy Hoffman

    NSAA Academic All-State:  Cassidy Hoffman (VB, GBB, One-Act), Kanyon Held (One-Act), Emily Loseke (Speech, Track), Makenna Held (Music), Natalie Brabec (Music)

    Valedictorian:  Emily Loseke

    Salutatorian:  Cassidy Hoffman


    Mrs. Cerv – Art

    Conf. Ribbon Winners:

    Purple:  Cortlynn Cadwallader, Korbee Wendt

    Blue:  Layne Krutz, Albert Diaz

    Red:  Korbee Wendt, Emily Loseke (2), Morgan Bunner, James Grotelueschen, Taya Hambleton, Cassi Rayback, Nathan Bahns, Sydney Reeves, Andrew Rivera, Jordan Noonan, Jessica Hoffman, Simon Wemhoff,

    White:  Jordan Noonan (2), Jessica Hoffman, Simon Wemhoff (2), Mason Whitmore, Tanyn Larson, Carter Timm


    Mr Korus - Math 

    Pre- Algebra “A” average for the year:  Kammy Held, Isabel Hollatz, Brianne Kuhr,

     Baylee Settje, Brynn Settje

    Top Average:  Brianne Kuhr

    Algebra I  “A” average for the year:  James Grotelueschen,  Aubrie Hanna  

    Top Average:  Aubrie Hanna

    Geometry  “A” average for the year:  Jessica Hoffman, Sydney Reeves, Zoey VanDyke, and Dalton Zulkoski  

    Top Average:  Zoey VanDyke

    Algebra II  “A” average for the year:  Kanyon Held, MaKenna Held, Kennedy Settje  

    Top Average:  Kennedy Settje


    Ms. Remmereid - Business Classes

    Intro to Business Students of the Year: Tanyn Larson, Aubrie Hanna

    Accounting Student of the Year: Cassidy Hoffman

    Shark Tank Competition winners:

    Kyle Holmberg (1st)

    Jessica Hoffman (2nd)

    Jackson Mullenhoff (3rd)

    Digital Marketing Students of the Year - Natalie Brabec, Cortlynn Cadwallader

    Business Student of the Year - Emily Loseke


    Ms. Wietfeld - Science

    7th Science of the Year: Brayden Loseke

    7th Science Most Improved: Sofia Hake, Karly Wendt 


    Ms. Pokorney - Science 

    Chemistry Student of the Year: Kanyon Held

    Anatomy Student of the Year: Alissa Kasik

    8th Science Student of the Year: Brianne Kuhr

    Biology Student of the Year: Zoey Van Dyke

    Physical Science 1 Student of the Year: Nathan Bahns

    Physical Science 2 Student of the Year: Jordan Noonan

    General Science Student of the Year: Cortlynn Cadwallader

    Most Improved Students: Sydney Reeves, Jacob Martensen


    Mrs. Hillen - FCS

    Intro to FCS/Foods:  Aubrie Hanna

    7th Grade Rotation 1:  Elizabeth Hoffman

    7th Grade Rotation 2:  Luke Eisenmann

    8th Grade:  Izabel Hollatz

    Child Development/Parenting:  Emily Loseke

    Culinary Arts:  Cassidy Hoffman

    Relationships:  Kennedy Settje

    Careers:  Zoey Van Dyke

    Housing/Interior Design:  Jessica Hoffman 

    Life Skills:  Layne Krutz

    Student Aide:  Cassidy Hoffman


    Mrs. Fischer - ELA

    English 12 Valedictorian Award:  Trevor Zulkoski

    English 10 Valedictorian Award:  Zoey Van Dyke

    English 10 Salutatorian Award:  Sydney Reeves

    Speech 9 “Spectacular Speaker” Award:  Macy Clausen, Aubrie Hanna, Taya Hambleton, Gracie Eisenmann, Jordan Noonan, Tanyn Larson

    Reading 8 “Terrific Trio” Award:  Brianne Kuhr, Izabel Hollatz, Baylee Settje

    Writing 8 “Fab Four” Award:  Brianne Kuhr, Izabel Hollatz, Baylee Settje, Brynn Settje

    Writing 7 “Terrific Trio” Award:  Elizabeth Hoffman, Luke Eisenmann, Kyle McMullin

    Most Improved Student:  Paige Kurpgeweit

    Amazing Aide Award:  Madisyn Pelan



    Letterwinners:  Cassidy Hoffman, Emily Loseke, Kayden Schumacher, Natalie Brabec, Kennedy Settje, Makenna Settje, Jessica Hoffman, Sydney Reeves, Korbee Wendt, Jacob Martensen, Morgan Bunner, Sage Fernau, Leah Pinkston, Aubrie Hanna, Tanyn Larson

    4-Year Letter Winners:  Cassidy Hoffman, Emily Loseke, Kayden Schumacher

    Best Staff Writer Award:  Cassidy Hoffman, Emily Loseke

    Norfolk Daily News Staff Writers:  Cassidy Hoffman, Emily Loseke

    Top Newcomer Awards:  Aubrie Hanna, Sage Fernau, Tanyn Larson


    One-Act Play:

    East Husker Conference Best Actor:  Kanyon Held

    East Husker Conference Best Supporting Actress:  Rylee Olson

    Conference or District Outstanding Actor Awards:  Kanyon Held, Maddie Noonan, Rylee Olson, Makenna Held, Logan Schroeder, Kayden Schumacher, Trevor Zulkoski, Alicia Holmberg, Mason Whitmore, Leah Pinkston, Aiden Miller, Audie Tejkl, Madison Noonan

    Outstanding Tech Crew:  Emily Loseke

    Letterwinners:  Leah Pinkston, Alicia Holmberg, Madisyn Pelan, Kayden Schumacher, Natalie Brabec, Alissa Kasik, Riana Grotelueschen, Macy Clausen, Gracie Eisenmann, Korbee Wendt, Kyleigh Rayback, Aubrie Hanna, Kennedy Settje, Audie Tejkl, Morgan Bunner, Dylan Higby, Aiden Miller, Kanyon Held, Mason Whitmore, Rylee Olson, Cassidy Hoffman, Makenna Held, Cassi Rayback, Jessica Hoffman, Tanyn Larson, Sydney Reeves, Isaac Rodenburg, Kevin Becerril, Roque Tejeda, Dalton Zulkoski, Kyle Holmberg, Logan Schroeder, Madison Noonan, Trevor Zulkoski, Albert Diaz, Emily Loseke, Layne Krutz, Jacob Eisenmann, Justine Thompson, Zane Williams, Dylan Brabec, Kyle Kasik, Jackson Mullenhoff, Deandrea Rivera, Nathan Bahns, Jack Brabec, James Grotelueschen, Jordan Noonan, Andrew Rivera, Xander Ross, Simon Wemhoff

    Junior High Crew Recognition:  Baylee Settje, Brynn Settje, Kammy Held


    Mrs. Kowalski - Instrumental Music

    John Philips Sousa Award and East Husker Conference 1st Team Honor Band Alicia Holmberg

    Jr. High Honor BandEmily Stender


    Mrs. Settje - Choral Music

    National Choral Award Co-WinnersRylee Olson and Alicia Holmberg

    Letterwinners in ChoirNatalie Brabec, Lily Bunner, Morgan Bunner, Cortlynn Cadwallader, Albert Diaz, Makenna Held, Alicia Holmberg, Emily Moore, Rylee Olson, Leah Pinkston, Cassi Rayback, Sydney Reeves, Deandrea Rivera, Isaac Rodenburg, Xander Ross, Kennedy Settje, Audie Tejkl

    East Husker All Conference Choir:  Makenna Held, Leah Pinkston, Natalie Brabec, Isaac Rodenburg 

    East Husker Conference 1st Team Honor Choir:  Rylee Olson, Alicia Holmberg, and Audie Tejkl

    Most Improved:  Isaac Rodenburg, Kennedy Settje

    Music Aide:  Rylee Olson

    Jr. High Honor Choir:  Paige Kurpgeweit, Amaiya Ross, Keeley Campbell, Sydney Messerlie, Alisyn Lich, Maryn McCord


    Mrs. Went - Ag

    7th Grade Ag Student of the Year:  Quentin Mullenhoff

    8th Grade Ag Student of the Year:  Brianne Kuhr

    Intro to Ag Student of the Year:  Taya Hambleton

    Natural Resources Student of the Year:  Sydney Reeves

    Plant Science Students of the Year:  Madison Noonan, Makenna Held

    Ag Leadership Student of the Year:  Alissa Kasik

    Ag Construction Student of the Year:  Jacob Eisenmann


    Mr. Bachman - Social Studies 

    7th Social Studies Student of the Year:  Luke Eisenmann

    8th Social Studies Student of the Year:  Brianne Kuhr

    9th Civics Student of the Year:  Aubrie Hanna

    10th World History Student of the Year:  Zoey VanDyke

    11th US History Student of the Year:  Kennedy Settje

    12th Government Student of the Year:  Cassidy Hoffman

    Most Improved Students:  Isaac Rodenburg & Korbee Wendt


    Mrs. M. Held - ELA/Spanish/Yearbook

    College English: 1st - Emily Loseke, 2nd - Cassidy Hoffman, 3rd - Kayden Schumacher

    Junior English:  1st - Kennedy Settje, 2nd - Makenna Held, 3rd Tied - Justine Thompson, Kanyon Held

    7th Reading:  1st - Liz Hoffman, 2nd - Brayden Loseke, 3rd - Kyle McMullin

    Freshman English - 1st Aubrie Hanna, 2nd - Macy Clausen, 3rd - Carter Timm

    Spanish II - Tied for 1st - Kennedy Settje & Kanyon Held, 2nd - Makenna Held, Tied for 3rd Kevin Becerril & Justine Thompson

    Yearbook Staff certificates:  Macy Clausen, Gracie Eisenmann, Tanyn Larson, Aubrie Hanna, Korbee Wendt, Jessica Hoffman, Sydney Reeves, Victoria Dalton, Dee Rivera, Justine Thompson, Maddie Noonan, Natalie Brabec, Kyleigh Rayback, Alicia Holmberg, Alissa Kasik, Madisyn Pelan, Riana Grotelueschen.  Business Managers:  Rylee Olson & Cassidy Hoffman.  Editors: Emily Loseke & Kayden Schumacher


    Mrs K. Hillen - 7th Math/Honor Society

    Honor Society - 1st year members - Kyle Holmberg, Jessica Hoffman, Zoey Van Dyke,

                                                                Sydney Reeves, Dalton Zulkoski, Madison Noonan

                              2nd year members - Kennedy Settje, Kanyon Held, Justine Thompson,

                                                                Makenna Held, Natalie Brabec, Jacob Eisenmann,

                              3rd year members - Cassidy Hoffman, Emily Loseke, Alissa Kasik,

                                                                Kayden Schumacher


    Honor Cords from Central Community College for having completed 12 or more hours in Early College Courses -   Cassidy Hoffman,  Alicia Holmberg, Alissa Kasik, Emily Loseke, 

    Madisyn Pelan, Kyleigh Rayback, Kayden Schumacher.


    Quiz Bowl Team - Cassidy Hoffman, Emily Loseke, Kanyon Held, Justine Thompson,

     Calvin Wemhoff, Kyle Holmberg, Aubrie Hanna


    NECC Scholastic Contest -  3rd place Bronze Medal - Audie Tejkl - Computer LIteracy

                                                                                            Kevin Becerril - Spanish 2, section b

                                                                                            Kayden Schumacher -Parenting/Child


                                                    2nd place Silver Medal - Calvin Wemhoff - American History

                                                                                             Albert Diaz - World HIstory

                                                                                             Emily Loseke - English Composition

                                                    1st place Gold Medal - Zoey Van Dyke - LIbrary Usage

                                                                                          Kyle Holmberg - Physics

                                                    Plus all participants will receive a certificate of Merit:

    Cortlynn Cadwallader, Cassidy Hoffman, Natalie Brabec, Taya Hambleton, Jordan Noonan, Kanyon Held, Emily Loseke, Jacob Eisenmann, KOrbee Wendt, Jessica Wendt, Rylee Olson, Makenna Held, Justine Thompson, Layne Krutz, Aubrie Hanna, Aiden Miller, Kanyon Held, Jessica Hoffman, Trevor Zulkoski, Alicia Holmberg, Kayden Schumacher, Macy Claussen, Dalton Zulkoski, Alissa Kasik, Roque Rejeda, 



    7th grade Math -  A Average in 7th Math 

                                 Liz Hoffman* and highest average

                                 Luke Eisenmann* and highest average

                                 Brayden Loseke*  and highest average

                                 Kyle McMullin

                                 Ava Kasik

                                 Nevaeh Zulkosk




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  • Class of 2021 Celebrates Commencement

    Picture: Leigh High School Class of 2021 (L to R): Layne Krutz, Alicia Holmberg, Kyleigh Rayback, Alissa Kasik, Rylee Olson, Jose Aguirre, Cassidy Hoffman, Riana Grotelueschen, Kayden Schumacher, Emily Loseke, Madisyn Pelan, Trevor Zulkoski

    By: Leigh High School Journalism Staff

    The 2021 graduating class of Leigh High School was the first class to ever graduate in the new Leigh High School gym and will hopefully be the first of generations of students to do the same.  

    12 seniors walked down the aisle in the gym for one last time as the bittersweet moment of commencement was held.

                The class of 2021 has chosen their flower to be the white rose. The class colors are black and gold. “Chase your dreams, but always know the roads that will lead you home again” by Tim McGraw is the class motto. Finally, the class chose two class songs: “Long Live” by Taylor Swift and “Photograph” by Nickelback.

    Emily Loseke and Cassidy Hoffman had the highest and second-highest GPA in the class, and were named Valedictorian and Salutatorian respectively.

    The ceremony started at 6 pm and visitors were welcomed by the junior class ushers, Natalie Brabec, Makenna Held, Kanyon Held, and Kennedy Settje. It began with a class highlight and memory video by Rylee Olson. The seniors then walked down the aisle to “Pomp and Circumstance” performed by the Clarkson-Leigh band.

    Class Salutatorian Cassidy Hoffman said a welcome speech and then awards and scholarships were presented.

    Next was the presentation of the flowers. Cindy Settje played “Threads of Love” while the seniors presented their parents with a rose.

    Emily Loseke, Valedictorian, gave her speech, and then it was the time everyone had been waiting for. The diplomas were awarded by Stephanie Petersen, Superintendent, and Kamin Held, Board of Education President. They were assisted by high school principal Troy Holmberg and Board of Education Vice-President, Ryan Hoffman

    After the seniors all received their diplomas, the time had come. Each moved their tassel to the opposite side.  Alissa Kasik gave the closing remarks and words of thanks, and the seniors proceeded out of the gym as the band played “Fanfare and Recessional,” feeling the jubilation of being a Leigh High School graduate.

    Congratulations to the Class of 2021, and best of luck in your future endeavors!

    The scholarships received by each of the graduates are as follows:


    Riana Grotelueschen: Northwest Missouri State University Scholar Green and White Advantage Scholarship

    Alternate to:  Nick Wieseler Memorial Scholarship, Leigh Fire Department Scholarship, Rick Charipar Memorial Scholarship


    Cassidy Hoffman: University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Regents Scholarship, Sons of the American Legion, Lavern Went Memorial, Citizen’s State Bank, Leigh Fire Department, Leigh American Legion, WhiteTail LLC, Patriot Youth Advisory Scholarship

    Alternate to:  Paul Hollatz Memorial, Leigh Community Club, Leigh Alumni Association


    Alicia Holmberg: Central Community College Assessment Advantage Scholarship, Music Scholarship, Drama Scholarship, Committed to Your Success Scholarship, Transition Advantage Scholarship, University of Nebraska-Omaha Faculty Scholarship, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Husker Study and Stay Scholar, Loup Power District Scholarship, Leigh Education Association Scholarship

    Alternate to: Jan Fuhr Memorial Scholarship


    Alissa Kasik: Northeast Community College Dean’s Scholarship, Terri Wietfeld Memorial Scholarship, John and Michele Hollatz Scholarship, Patriot Booster Club Scholarship, Leigh Rescue Unit Scholarship, Krupka/Cada Scholarship, Aaron Cech Memorial Scholarship, American Legion Auxiliary Irene Gobler Memorial Scholarship, Patriot Youth Advisory Scholarship, Wade Wendt Memorial Scholarship, Leigh FFA Chapter Scholarship, Columbus Community Hospital Student Scholarship


    Layne Krutz: Susan T. Buffett Scholarship, Johnny Baxter Carriage House Foundation Scholarship


    Emily Loseke: Concordia University President’s Scholarship, Leigh Community Club Scholarship, Jay Blessen Memorial Scholarship, Leigh Alumni Association Scholarship, FEVB Van Buren Scholarship, Madison County Bank Scholarship, Nebraska American Legion Auxiliary Robert Maria Stretch Scholarship, Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association Scholarship, Makenna’s Ray of Hope Scholarship, Patriot Youth Advisory Scholarship, Lyle Hamernik Memorial Scholarship, Take Heart Scholarship

    Alternate to: Leigh Education Association Lavern Went Memorial, Vickie Wietfeld Memorial, Irene Gobler American Legion Auxiliary, Leigh American Legion


    Rylee Olson: Central Community College New Business & Technology Scholarship, Jan Fuhr Memorial Scholarship, Vickie Wietfeld Memorial Scholarship, Lisa Settje Kuta Memorial Scholarship, Sara Reichmuth Memorial Scholarship

    Alternate to: Leigh Rescue Unit scholarship


    Madisyn Pelan: Northeast Community College President’s Early Entry Scholarship, Jim & Helen Evans Memorial Scholarship, Aaron Cech Memorial Scholarship

    Alternate to: Lisa Settje Kuta Memorial Scholarship, Sara Reichmuth Memorial Scholarship


    Kayden Schumacher: Southeast Community College Academic Excellence Scholarship, Southeast Community College Volleyball Scholarship, Paul Hollatz Memorial Scholarship, Patriot Youth Advisory Scholarship

    Alternate to: Terri Wietfeld Memorial, Jay Blessen Memorial, Citizen’s State Bank, Aaron Cech Memorial, Lyle Hamernik Memorial Scholarship


    Trevor Zulkoski: Nick Wieseler Memorial Scholarship, Patriot Booster Club Scholarship, Cooperative Supply Scholarship, Rich Charipar Memorial Scholarship, Leigh Alumni Scholarship, KTIC Russ Herman Memorial Scholarship, Whitetail LLC Scholarship, Wade Wendt Memorial Scholarship, Taylor Went Memorial Scholarship, Mitchell Equipment Scholarship, Andrew Goodman Iowa-Nebraska Dealers Association Scholarship

    Alternate to: Sons of the Legion Scholarship


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  • Attention from the Leigh Secret Kindness Agency:

    Here are the results of the Final Leigh Kindness Competition through Monday, May 3rd and ends Friday, May 7th. Thank you to everyone who participated. A special shout-out to the teachers and schools who make these challenges possible and successful. Congrats to our winners: Juniors and Sixth Graders. Remember #BeKind.

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  • Leigh Fitness Center Application

    Click here to view and print the Leigh Fitness Center Application

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  • PHYSICALS-Jr/Sr High Students

    ALL students entering 7th grade must have a physical exam and updated vaccination record. This state requirement applies to every student regardless of whether he or she plans to be involved in extracurricular activities. Those involved in activities will also need to complete the NSAA Parent/Student Consent form.

    Students in grades 8-12 planning to participate in activities must have a physical form along with a completed NSAA Parent/Student Consent form.


    Physical forms must be submitted to the office prior to the start of the activity practice. Forms are available in the main office or can be printed from the file linked below.

    Please direct any questions to Mr. Holmberg at 402-487-3301 or tholmberg@leigh.esu7.org.


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