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LHS Academic Awards Announced

On May 10th at Leigh High School teachers were able to honor and show appreciation to the 7th-12th grade students at the Academic Awards Program. Every student received recognition for something great they did this year. The awards are as following: 

Mr. Faltys’ Principal Awards

ACT Award

Gold (30+) Kyle Holmberg and Zoey VanDyke

East Husker Conference Senior Award:  Kyle Holmberg and Jessica Hoffman

NSAA Academic All-State:Sydney Reeves (Softball), Gracelyn Eisenmann (Volleyball), James Grotelueschen (Wrestling & Golf), Jessica Hoffman (Girls Basketball) Dalton Zulkoski (Boys Basketball), Luke Eisenmann (Speech), Brianne Kuhr (Speech), Korbee Wendt (Track), Quentin Mullenhoff (Golf), Zoey Van Dyke (Music)

Valedictorian:  Zoey VanDyke

Salutatorian: Jessica Hoffman and Sydney Reeves

Mrs. Cerv - Art:

Conf. Ribbon Winners

Received 19 total ribbons at the art show

  • 3 purples, 8 blue, 5 red, and 3 whites

Kyle McMullin received the reward “Best of Show” for his sculpture entitled “My Big City box

  • purple ribbon honors included freshman Ava Kasik, who received a purple ribbon for her pottery entitled “Jungle” and Brayde Loeske for his pastels/chalk painting entitled “A Dream Gone”

Mr. A. Bachman - Math 

High Achiever Award (95% or above for all semesters : Michael Wemhoff, Sadie Brabec, Trevor Hoffman, Cade Hoesly, Kaylee Brabec, Carmen Malena, Blake Loseke, Vylet Hollatz, Aubrie Hanna, Dee Rivera, Sydney Reeves

Consistency Award (Works hard on daily basis) : Caleb Settje

Improvement Award (Increases in MAP, grade average, behavior/attitude) : Ariyah Ross

2023 Math Student of the Year (Senior who took at least 4 years of Math, culminating in Calculus, with the highest GPA from those Math classes): Zoey Van Dyke

Mr Korus - Math 

Pre Algebra:  ** Top average for the year goes to : Daphne Jedlicka

Algebra “A” for the year :  Liz Hoffman, Braydon Loseke, Luke Eisenmann

** Top average for the year goes to :  Luke Eisenman

Geometry  “A”  for the year :   Isabel Hollatz, Brianna Kuhr, Baylee Settje and  Byrnn Settje, Kammy Held  ;  

**Top average for the year goes to  :  Brianne Kuhr and Izabel Hollatz (tie)

Algebra II  “A”  for the year : Aubrie Hanna, Pheobe Glissman Mayner

**Top average for the year goes to  : Aubrie Hanna per 3

**Top average for the year goes to  :Cassie Rayback per 2

Ms. Remmereid - Business

Intro to Business Students of the year - Kyle McMullin, Ava Kasik, Quentin Mullenhoff

Computer Science student of the year - Riley Van Dyke

Digital Design students of the year - Emily Stender and Delanie Erwin

Video Production student of the year - Paige Kurpgeweit

Entrepreneurship students of the year – Delanie Erwin, Kammy Held, Izzy Hollatz, Brianne Kuhr, Baylee Settje, Brynn Settje, Ella Urban, Riley Van Dyke

Shark Tank winners - Baylee Settje, Carter Brabec, Brianne Kuhr

Personal Finance student of the year - Sydney Reeves

Business students of the year - Jessica Hoffman & Deandrea Rivera

Stock Market Game Winners - Cody Jedlicka 1st semester, James Moore 2nd semester

Digital Citizenship Awards - Mattie Rayback, Lainey Urban, Sadie Brabec 2nd place in the PSA, Ariyah Ross and Kiera Wiese 1st place in the PSA

Mrs. Wietfeld-Seventh Science

Benjamin Franklin Award -brightest Student high class average Trevor Hoffman 

Albert Einstein Award -  Best Overall Scientists Cade Hoesly 

Alexander Graham Bell - Most Improved scientists Tyce Larson

Marie Curie -best laboratory scientist Kiera Wiese

Mr. Cash – PE/Health

Men’s and Women’s Semester Challenge Winners: Dalton Zulkoski and Jessica Hoffman

Outstanding Weights Student: Roque Tejeda

Most Improved Weights Student: Andrew Rivera

Most Dedicated Weights Student: Carter Timm

Outstanding 7th Health Student: Trevor Hoffman

Outstanding 8th Health Student: Vylet Hollatz and Grace Hansen

Outstanding Freshman Health Student: Brayden Loseke and Jocelyn Donnelly

Mrs. Hillen - FCS

Intro to FCS - Elizabeth Hoffman

Foods and Nutrition - Jocelyn Donnelly

7th Grade Rotation  - Cade Hoesly

8th Grade Rotation 1 - Reann Bruhn

8th Grade Rotation 2 - Kaylee Brabec

Child Development - Dee Rivera

Parenting - Korbee Wendt

Culinary Arts - Jessica Hoffman

Relationships - Tanyn Larson

Careers - Brianne Kuhr

Housing/Interior Design - Brynn Settje

Life Skills - Sydney Reeves

Health Science 1 - Gracie Eisenmann 

Aide - Jessica Hoffman

Mrs. Fischer - English

English 12 Valedictorian Award - Jessica Hoffman

English 12 Salutatorian Award - Jackson Mullenhoff

English 10 Valedictorian Award - Brianne Kuhr

English 10 Salutatorian Award - Izzy Hollatz

Speech 9 “Spectacular Speaker” Award - 98% or higher average - Pheobe Glissman-Mayner, Kyle McMullin, Luke Eisenmann, Brayden Loseke, Nevaeh Zulkoski

Reading 8 “Fab Four” Award - Blake Loseke, Carmen Malena, Vylet Hollatz, Kaylee Brabec

Writing 8 “Fab Five” Award - Kaylee Brabec, Ella Higby, Vylet Hollatz, Blake Loseke, Carmen Malena

Writing 7 “Terrific Trio” Award - Cade Hoesly, Trevor Hoffman, Michael Wemhoff

Most Improved Student - Paige Kurpgeweit

Amazing Aide Award - Mason Whitmore


Letterwinners: Albert Diaz, Jessica Hoffman, Korbee Wendt, Sydney Reeves, Jack Brabec, Cassi Rayback, Dylan Higby, Nathan Bahns, James Grotelueschen, Macy Clausen, Andrew Rivera, Aubrie Hanna, Delanie Erwin, Dee Rivera, Tanyn Larson, Gracie Eisenmann, Kammy Held, Izzy Hollatz, Brianne Kuhr, Ella Urban, Baylee Settje, Paige Kurpgeweit, Brynn Settje, Luke Eisenmann, Nevaeh Zulkoski, Karly Wendt, Lexis Gleason, Liz Hoffman, Ava Kasik, Brayden Loseke, Kyle McMullin, Brett Wemhoff, Quentin Mullenhoff


4-Year Letter Winners: Korbee Wendt, Jessica Hoffman, Sydney Reeves

Best All-Around Journalist Award: Korbee Wendt, Jessica Hoffman, Sydney Reeves

Top Writer Award: Brianne Kuhr

Top Newcomer Award: Liz Hoffman

One-Act Play:

East Husker Conference Best Supporting Actor: Luke Eisenmann

Conference or District Outstanding Actor Awards: Kyle McMullin, Luke Eisenmann, Jordan Noonan, Morgan Bunner, Dalton Zulkoski, Sydney Messerlie, Brianne Kuhr, Baylee Settje, Gabriel Pinkston, Macy Clausen, Jack Brabec, Izabel Hollatz

Outstanding Tech Crew at Conference: Dee Rivera, Dylan Brabec

Letterwinners: Brianne Kuhr, Gabriel Pinkston, Kyle McMullin, Macy Clausen, Jack Brabec, Izzy Hollatz, Sydney Messerlie, Morgan Bunner, Jordan Noonan, Dalton Zulkoski, Kyle Holmberg, Sydney Messerlie, Luke Eisenmann, Baylee Settje, Korbee Wendt, Pheobe Glissman-Mayner, Lexis Gleason, Amaiya Ross, Gracie Eisenmann, Tanyn Larson, Dylan Higby, Brynn Settje, Mason Whitmore, Roque Tejeda, Kammy Held, Ella Urban, Aubrie Hanna, Jared Olson, Brett Wemhoff, Jessica Hoffman, Cassi Rayback, Carter Brabec, Simon Wemhoff, Paige Kurpgeweit, Keeley Campbell, Alisyn Lich, Karly Wendt, Liz Hoffman, Ava Kasik, Jocelyn Donnelly, Jocelyn Donnelly, Dylan Brabec, Kyle Kasik, Jackson Mullenhoff, Dee Rivera, Nathan Bahns, Lilly Bunner, James Grotelueschen, Jacob Martensen, Andrew Rivera, Emily Stender, Mia Glissman-Mayner, Brayden Loseke 

Junior High Crew Recognition: Vylet Hollatz, Emersyn Urban, Kaylee Brabec, Ella Higby

Mrs. Kowalski - Instrumental Music

John Philip Sousa Award: Zoey Van Dyke

Emily Stender (Solo Excellent Rating), 

Mrs. Settje - Choral Music

National Choral Award:  Gabe Pinkston 

Letterwinners in Choir:  Lilly Bunner, Morgan Bunner, Keeley Campbell, Liam Foley, Mia Glissman-Mayner, Phoebe Glissman-Mayner, Sofia Hake, Paige Kurpgeweit, Alisyn Lich, Sydney Messerlie, Leah Pinkston, Amaiya Ross, Riley Van Dyke, and George Waterman.

East Husker All Conference Choir: Lilly Bunner, Morgan Bunner, Paige Kurpgeweit, Sydney Messerlie, Leah Pinkston, Amaiya Ross, and George Waterman

East Husker Conference 1st Team Elite Honor Choir:  Lilly Bunner

Outstanding Rating in District Music in Vocal Solo:  Leah Pinkston

Excellent Rating in District Music in Vocal Solo:  Sydney Messerlie and Paige Kurpgeweit

Jr. High Excellence in Vocal Music: Soleece Jensen, Vivian Bunner, and Ariya Ross

Mr. J. Bachman- Social Studies 

7th Social Studies Student of the Year - Michael Wemhoff

8th Social Studies Student of the Year - Blake Loseke

9th Civics Student of the Year - Luke Eisenmann

10th World History Student of the Year - Brianne Kuhr

11th US History Student of the Year - Aubrie Hanna

12th Government Student of the Year - Zoey VanDyke

Most Improved Students - Daphne Jedlicka & Soleece Jensen

Mrs. M. Held- English/Yearbook

College English - 1st - Zoey VanDyke , 2nd - Sydney Reeves

Junior English - 1st - Aubrie Hanna,  2nd - Tie - Pheobe Glissman-Mayner & Tanyn Larson

7th Reading - 1st - Cade Hoesly, Tied for 2nd - Trevor Hoffman and Michael Wemhoff 

Freshman English - 1st - Elizabeth Hoffman,  2nd - Luke Eisenmann 3rd - Tie Brayden Loseke & Kyle McMullin

Literature Class - 1st - Aubrie Hanna, 2nd - Tie - Pheobe Glissman-Mayner & Dee Rivera, and 3rd Jacob Martensen

Most Improved Students - Cassie Rayback in Junior English, Simon Wemhoff and Xander Ross in Literature

Yearbook Staff certificates:  Keeley Campbell, Izzy Hollatz, Brianne Kuhr, Paige Kurpgeweit, Amaiya Ross, Baylee Settje, Brynn Settje, Ella Urban, Macy Clausen, Gracie Eisenmann, Tanyn Larson,Cassie Rayback, Jessica Hoffman - Business Manager, Sydney Reeves - Editor, and Dee Rivera - Photo Editor.   

Mrs. Gall-Quiz Bowl/Speech/Honor Society

Honor Society 

First Year Members 

Ella Urban, Brynn Settje, Baylee Settje, Izabel Hollatz, Delanie Erwin, Brianne Kuhr, Kammy Held

Second Year Members 

Aubrie Hanna, Gracelyn Eisenmann, Tanyn Larson, Macy Clausen, Taya Hambleton, James Grotelueschen, Jordan Noonan

Third Year Membership

Kyle Holmberg, Jessica Hoffman, Sydney Reeves, Zoey Van Dyke, Dalton Zulkoski

Honor Cords from Central Community College for having completed 12 or more hours in Early College Courses 

Kyle Holmberg, Kyle Kasik, Sydney Reeves, Deandrea Rivera, Roque Tejeda, Zoey Van Dyke, Korbee Wendt, Mason Whitmore, Dalton Zulkoski

Quiz Bowl Team - 

Kyle Holmberg, Aubrie Hanna, Luke Eisenmann, Brayden Loseke, Brianne Kuhr, Brett Wemhoff, Brynn Settje, Baylee Settje, Izabel Hollatz, Jessica Hoffman


Letterwinners-Luke Eisenmann, Gabriel Pinkston, and Brianne Kuhr

District Results: Gabriel Pinkston 6th place in Poetry and 6th place in Humorous Prose, Luke Eisenmann 4th in Extemporaneous, and Brianne Kuhr 3rd place in Extemporaneous which qualified for state in Kearney   

Mrs. B. Bachman (Science) 

All year science A:

Chemistry: Aubrie Hanna, Gracelyn Eisenmann, Jordan Noonan, Pheobe Glissman-Mayner 

8th Grade Science: Carmen Malena, Blake Loseke, Vylet Hollatz, Kaylee Brabec

Biology: Brianne Kuhr, Baylee Settje, Brynn Settje, Ella Urban, Izabel Hollatz 

Physical Science: Elizabeth Hoffman, Luke Eisenmann, Brayden Loseke, Kyle McMullin

Physics: Zoey Van Dyke

Mr Bazata (Ag/Industrial Tech)

7th - Vivian Bunner

8th rotation 1 - Carmen Malena

8th Rotation 2 - Kaylee Brabec 

9th - Luke Eisenmann

10th - Brianne Kuhr and Delanie Erwin

11th - Jordan Noonan

12th - Dalton Zulkoski

Shop Student of the Year - Nathan Bahns