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JH Track Competes at W-P

On May 1, the junior high track team traveled to Wisner-Pilger to give it their all. Out of 7 teams, they battled and won a lot of events. 

Overall the 7th grade girls placed 5th, the 7th grade boys placed 2nd, the 8th grade girls placed 2nd, the 8th grade boys placed 4th.  Seventh grade combined placed 5th, and 8th grade combined placed 3rd.

Coach Andrew Bachman said, “The Wisner meet was a nice tune-up for Conference. We did not have our best marks, but we used it as an opportunity to get everything figured out as far as events, relays, and entries for Conference.”

Trackster Soleece Jenson, who placed 1st in High Jump, said, “The weather was hot and humid like it was going to rain with a bit of wind. Overall, it was a perfect day for a track meet to talk and laugh with friends and do our best to place in all our events and succeed as a team.”  




7th Grade; 100M—Cole Vodehnal 14.39 (4th place), Cade Hoesly 15.59 (6th place); 400M- Tyce Larson 1:23.46 (6th place); 800M- Cash Fehringer 2:52.13 (2nd place);1600M- Easton Brabec 6:02.42 (2nd place); 100M Hurdles- Aidan Jurgenson 19.67 (2nd place), Jackson Greene 21.42 (5th place), Cash Fehringer 21.52 (6th place); 200M Hurdles- Aidan Jurgenson 38.99 (3rd place), Jackson Greene 40.5 (4th place); Long Jump- Owen Schnoor 13-08.75 (6th place), Cole Vodehnal 13-01.25 (7th place); Triple Jump- Cash Fehringer 28-04.5 (4th place), Cole Vodehnal 25-06.5 (5th place); High jump- Owen Shnoor 4-06 (4th place), Easton Brabec 4-00 (5th place); Shot Put- Trevor Hoffman 22-06 (8th place); Discus- Trevor Hoffman 78-11.5 (2nd place), Kaleb Kroeger 71-09 (3rd place), Logan Stodola 67-02 (5th place); 4x100 Relay- Cash Fehringer, Owen Shnoor, Aidan Jurgenson, Cole Vodehnal 1:00.44 (4th place); 4x400 Relay- Easton Brabec, Tyce Larson, Aidan Jurgenson, Austin Matthies 5:21.98 (3rd place)

8th Grade; 100M- Blake Loseke 12.45 (2nd place), Colton Steffensmeier 12.86 3rd place), Cody Jedlicka 12.98 (5th place); 400M- Blake Loseke 1:01.02 (4th place), Ben Rodenburg 1:05.05 (6th place), Jeryn Struebing 1:07.36; 800M- Ben Rodenburg 2:33.3 (3rd place), James Moore 2:37.35 (6th place); Long Jump- Colton Seffensmeier 16-02.5 (3rd place), Max McAtee 13-10.5 (5th place); Triple Jump- Colton Steffensmeier 34-07.5 (3rd place), Jeryn Struebing 31-01 (7th place); Discus- Cody Jedlicka 109-11 (1st place); 4x100M Relay- Max McAtee, Colton Steffensmeier, Cody Jedlicka, Blake Loseke 52.87 (2nd place); 4x400M Relay- Jeryn Struebing, Ben Rodenburg, Max McAtee, James Moore 4:34.13 (3rd place)



7th Grade; 100M- Ellison Koehn 16.44 (6th place); 200M- Josie Brabec 34.5 (6th place); 400M- Ellison Koehn 126.66 (7th place), Soleece Jensen 1:27.06 (8th place); 800M- Lainey Urban 3:07.21 (1st place); 100M Hurdles- Josie Brabec 20.9 (7th place); Long Jump- Chloe Indra 11-05 (5th place); Triple Jump- Josie Brabec 25-06.75 (3rd place); High Jump- Soleece Jenson 4-02 (1st place); Shot Put- Matelyn Rayback 21-00 (5th place); Discus- Shaylynn Marty 44-07 (7th place); 4x100M Relay- Chloe Indra, Ellison Koehn, Kiera Wiese, Josie Brabec 1:04.95 (1st place), 4x400M- Kiera Wiese, Ariyah Ross, Matelyn Rayback, Shaylynn Marty 6:08.63 (3rd place)

8th Grade; 100M- Maizie Stoklasa 13.42 (1st place), Raelynn Scott 14.8 (5th place); 200M- Maizie Stoklasa 29.45 (1st place), Chelsy Matthies 33.69 (6th place); 400M- Gracie Sortino 1:14.44 (5th place); 800M- Kaylee Brabec 2:55.32 (3rd place), Carmen Malena 3:05.12 (5th place), Ella Higby 3:13.05 (8th place); 1600M- Reann Bruhn 6:36.88 (2nd place), Kyla Clarkson 7:42.31 (8th place); 100M Hurdles- Claire Holoubek 18.11 (2nd place), Ella Baumert 18.92 (4th place), Reann Bruhn 20.07 (5th place); 200M Hurdles-  Ella Baumert 35.92 (3rd place), Claire Holoubek 35.92 (4th place); Long Jump- Kaylee Brabec 13-09 (1st place), Reese Wietfeld 12-02 (7th place), Haley Podany 12-02 (6th place); Triple Jump- Maizie Stoklasa 34-05 (1st place), Claire Holoubek 32-06 (2nd place), Ella Baumert 30-06.5 (3rd place); High Jump- Hannah Martensen 4-00 (6th place), Rebecca Hastreiter 3-10 (8th place); Shot Put- Emerson Urban 22-11 (4th place), Reese Bruhn 20-02 (8th place); Discus- Rebecca Hastreiter 51-10.5 (7th place), Reese Bruhn 51-09 (8th place); 4x100M Relay- Ella Baumert, Claire Holoubek, Reese Wietfeld, Maizie Stoklasa 56.83 (1st place); 4x400M Relay- Reese Wietfeld, Carmen Malena, Gracie Sortino, Reann Bruhn 5:02.88 (2nd place)