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Meet the 23-24 Journalism Staff!

In an era where the United States has lost a quarter of its local newspapers since 2005, 360 in the last 3 years alone, journalism is alive and thriving at Leigh High School. The Leigh High Journalism Club has one of the biggest groups yet and continues to keep the newspaper full of youthfulness and tell the community what goes on behind the doors of Leigh Community Schools!

With a total of 38 members in the club, this is our biggest staff in the past decade, perhaps ever. This year's members are: Gracie Eisenmann, Macy Clausen, Morgan Bunner, Andrew Rivera, James Grotelueschen, Dylan Higby, Carter Timm, Amaiya Ross, Emily Stender, Alisyn Lich, Kammy Held, Keeley Campbell, Aubrie Hanna, Tanyn Larson, Ella Urban, Brynn Settje, Brianne Kuhr, Baylee Settje, Izzy Hollatz, Delanie Erwin, Luke Eisenmann, Kyle McMullin, Nevaeh Zulkoski, Karly Wendt, Lexis Gleason, Brayden Loseke, Liz Hoffman, Ava Kasik, Carmen Malena, Vylet Hollatz, Ella Higby, Kaylee Brabec, Rebecca Hastreiter, Hannah Martensen, Reese Wietfeld, Emersyn Urban, Blake Loseke, and Ben Rodenburg. 

Twelve of those 38 members take the class every day during 8th period. These twelve students are assigned articles each week, and the rest of the students in the club take the rest of the articles each week.  During the week the students email staff, coaches, and students to add to their articles. Along with writing articles, there is also opportunity for a student or two to submit articles onto the webpage. 

Neveah Zulkoski, a sophomore and journalism staff member said, “I have been in journalism for a year. I remember Mrs. Fischer came into my class when I was a freshman and told us that we NEEDED to go out for journalism. I wasn’t so sure on going at first, but since I have joined it, I found I liked it. I have also learned a lot from journalism so far, and am excited to see what it brings in the future.”

The journalism club wouldn’t be complete without a dedicated leader. Mrs. Justine Fischer finds every article that needs to be written, and helps students with what needs to be included. Mrs. Fischer says, “It’s really awesome that we have so many students who volunteer to write articles in their spare time.  We have had a really great staff consistently over the years, and this year is our biggest year yet!  We have a strong upperclassman group this year to help the underclassmen learn the ropes! I think journalism teaches students a lot about communication skills and being persistent to meet a deadline.”

The journalism club wouldn’t be able to do anything without the help of Leigh World. We would like to thank them for running our stories each week. We would also like to thank the local patrons for reading our articles in the paper and on the school webpage so that journalism can be alive and well at LHS for many years to come!