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Girls Win Humphrey Track Meet

On Wednesday, May 1, the track team traveled to Humphrey for a meet. There were many teams there that we have seen before and other teams that we haven’t seen.

This meet was another great opportunity for everyone to keep practicing before districts Thursday. The girls competed very well, coming home with 1st place. The track meet was kind of cold and a little rainy. 

The first-place finishers include Maizie Stoklasa in long and triple jump, Trey Steffensmeier in triple jump, and Ava Kasik in the 100m hurdles.  The girls 4 by 1 team consisting of Brynn Settje, Tanyn Larson, Kendall Schneider, and Maizie Stoklasa also finished 1st.

Head Coach, Briana Wietfeld said, “Our final regular meet showed the potential we have for districts next week. The girls took home the championship plaque. We had several events where all 3 of our athletes took home a medal. 100 hurdles we have Ava, Claire and Lexis, in triple with Maizie, Brynn and Ella, in the 100 with Maizie, Tanyn, and Kendall. Blake Loseke ran a PR time in the 400 and Trey Steffensmeier also finished with double medals. Nevaeh Zulkoski had a personal best in discus, just to name a few highlights.  

She continued, “Our relays also are powerhouses with girls 4x1 getting 1st, girls 4x8 2nd, girls 4x4 getting 4th and boys 4x1 getting 4th. Overall, we leave the meet very successfully and have a great outlook as we approach the end of our season.”

Brianne Kuhr said, “The Humphrey Lindsay Holy Family Track Meet was a great track meet for us because there were many local teams that competed in it. It was a way for our team to build confidence and to finish up the regular meets before districts.”




Girls’ Results

High Jump: Ella Baumert—4-04 (seventh place); Ava Baumert—4-08; Triple Jump: Maizie Stoklasa—36-02 (first place) Brynn Settje—33-09 (third place); Ella Baumert—32-09 (fifth place); Long Jump: Maizie Stoklasa—17-01.5 (first place); Cadence Indra—13-09; Shot Put: Nevaeh Zulkoski—30-02; Karly Wendt- 25-01; Emma—28; Disc: Nevaeh Zulkoski—91-01 (sixth place); Rylee Balzer—73-08; Karly Wendt—69-04; 100 Dash: Maizie Stoklasa—12.85 (second place); Tanyn Larson—13.51 (sixth place); Kendall Schneider—13.90 (eighth place); 200 Dash: Tanyn Larson—28.06 (fourth place); 400 Dash: Baylee Settje—1:07.24 (seventh place); Reese Wietfeld—1:14.42; Cadence Indra—1:11.55; 100 Hurdles: Ava Kasik—16.57 (first place); Claire Holoubek—18.17 (fourth place); Lexis Gleason—18.66 (sixth place); 300 Hurdles: Ava Kasik- 51.02 (second place); Claire Holoubek—54.72 (sixth place); Lexis Gleason—1:03; 800: Sage Fernau —3:20 (second place); Kaylee Brabec—2:50.39 (seventh place); Carmen Malena—2:51.25 (eighth place); 1600: Reann Bruhn—6:16.86 (third place); Brianne Kuhr—6:38.14 (fourth place); 4x800: Reann Bruhn, Graicee Sortino, Izzy Hollatz, Brianne Kuhr—11:40.82 (second place); 4x100: Brynn Settje, Tanyn Larson, Kendall Schneider, Maize Stoklasa—52.04 (first place); 4x400: Kendall Schneider, Ava Kasik, Claire Holoubek, Baylee Settje—4:52 (first place)


Boys’ Results
High Jump: Tucker Matthies—5-4 (seventh place); Triple Jump: Trey Steffensmeier—39-8.75 (first place); Colton Steffensmeier—35-7.75; Long Jump: Trey Steffensmeier—19-3.5 (fourth place); Colton Steffensmeier—15-5.25; Jeryn Struebing—14-5; Shot: Korbin Lemberg- 49-2 (sixth place); Otto Crecco—33-9.5; Disc: Otto Crecco—77-03; 100 Dash: Tucker Matthies—12.44; Colton Steffensmeier—12.84; Black Loseke—12 (third place); 200m Dash: Otto Crecco—27.91; Jeryn Struebing—28.01; 400 Dash: Blake Loseke—57.92 (eighth place); Nile Jones—59.09; Jeryn Struebing—1:05.54; 100 Hurdles: Isaac Baumert—18.97; 300 Hurdles: Isaac Baumert—50.41; 800: Nile Jones—2:29.7; Jairo Albarado—2:39.09; 1600: Max Muhle—5:51.05; 3200: Christian Hamernick—13:41.2; 4x100: Trey Steffensmeier, Joey Steffensmeier, Tucker Matthews, Blake Loseke—47.6 (fourth place)