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Senior Spotlight: Lilly Bunner

On June 15th, 2006, John and Sarah Bunner were blessed with their first daughter, Lillian Jane Bunner.

Lilly has one older brother and two younger siblings. Drew, 28, graduated from LHS in 2013. Her “younger” twin brother, Morgan, is 17 and also a senior at LHS. And the youngest daughter, Vivian, 14, is an 8th grader. 

Her grandparents are Carolyn Bunner and the late Doug Bunner, of Wentzville, Missouri, and Robin and Tony of Rogers, Arkansas. And their family would never be complete without their 6 pets: four dogs named Lucy, Boomer, Chessie, and Stewart,  as well as two cats, Greg and D.C. 

Lilly is involved with many activities, including choir and band for four years, One Act for three years, and cheer for one year. She also participates in St. John’s Church Luther League and 4-H. 

Lilly’s honors in high school include being named EHC honor choir for three years, elite honor choir for one year, and Northeast Honor Choir for one year. 

When she is not in school, it is quite possible you may find Lilly working at one of her two part-time jobs at the mini mart and Fits and Giggles Daycare.  

Her favorite things to do out of school include reading, doing needlepoint, and sleeping. Her favorite subject in school is choir. Her favorite TV show is “Friends.” Her favorite food is the breadsticks at Olive Garden. Her biggest pet peeves is when people chew loudly. 

When Lillian was asked what three world describe her, she said, “honest, hardworking, and generous.”

Lilly hopes there is travel in her future.  If she won the lottery, she would buy a hosue in a different country and retire there.  She also said someday she would love to travel the world, live in the Alps, and truly enjoy life.  

Her proudest accomplishment in high school was being nominated to go on a choir tour around Europe.  She says if she could travel anywhere, she would go back to England to explore more of it.  

Her future plans are to join the Air Force to be a dental Hygienist. 

Lillian was asked where she sees herself in 10-15 years, and she replied, “I see myself married, and hopefully at a successful place in my career.” 

She doesn’t necessarily think she has a most embarrassing moment, but she is sure it’s coming. 

When asked who she admired most, she replied with, “I admire my parents because they have always been there for me, and they have pushed me to be the best person I can be.”

Lillian’s advice to underclassmen is, “ High school goes by way too fast, so take a moment every day to enjoy it.”