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Jerry’s Journal: Spice Up Your Ride

By: Jared Olson, a freshman at Leigh High School


Welcome to a new segment I like to call “Jerry’s Journal.”

I’m Jared Olson, a freshman in journalism class.  The problem with being in journalism class is that I really don’t like to report on articles like basketball games and such. I would much rather just talk about what is in my head. 

Today I am going to talk about what any teenager could do to make their vehicle better.  I think that the main thing anybody should focus on is doing whatever makes them happy. To me, sound quality in any vehicle is most important.  The first thing I do to my pickup is put great subs or speakers in.  It just makes everything sound ten times better.  The next thing I would recommend to spice things up is putting colored interior lights by your feet so you can properly see your pedals, which is purely for safety reasons.   Another thing you could do…again, purely for safety reasons…is tint your windows.  This way the sun will not bother you when you drive, and you can make it to and from your destination easily.  Also, I recommend putting LED headlights on.  This way you really don’t have to worry about seeing.  And finally, a CB radio is also a good choice.  That way you can talk to your friends.  

Thanks for reading!  Peace up!